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Mom’s Waiting For You 妈妈在等你 Episode 22 Recap

No matter how Zhou Xiaoliu persuades, Dianthus will never go to the restaurant unless the other party can come to the house. Zhou Qing had no choice, so he and Liu Pansong came to the door in person and pleaded guilty to her. Liu Pansong voluntarily gave up this marriage and was willing to return Zhou Qing to Dianthus. However, Dianthus was righteous, especially when he heard that Zhou Qing had completed the divorce report, he looked down on the other party even more.

Marriage is not a child’s play in Dianthus’s eyes. She could not accept Zhou Qing’s ruining this home, and she had to betray Liu Pansong again, so she did not accept their apologies and regrets. Zhou Qing knew that Dianthus would never forgive herself, and could only leave wittily. Zhou Xiaoliu failed to stop and ran into the house crying.

When Zhou Qing and Liu Pansong left completely, Dianthus couldn’t hide her inner grief, but she didn’t regret her choice just now. Even without Zhou Qing, she could live well, so she warned the children to live an example. In a blink of an eye, it was 1980, another year of summer vacation. Zhou Xiaoan’s three brothers went home to reunite one after another, and each chatted about interesting things about the school.

Zhang Lanfen gave Kong Linggao food as usual, which was enough to show her meaning. However, Kong Ling Gao Chi did not respond, for fear that outsiders would gossip, but Zhang Lanfen didn’t care, but felt that the two were upright. Just as Kong Linggao and Zhang Lanfen were talking about this matter, they suddenly saw Jiang Zhenhai passing by, and Zhang Lanfen still had a bad impression of him.

Although Dianthus has made a lot of money, he is still doing speculative things, and sooner or later the problem will be found. It happened that the police station held a special meeting, and the director took the initiative to mention Jiang Zhenhai’s son’s criminal behavior, so he asked Jiang Zhenhai to lead someone to arrest him. Even though Jiang Zhenhai couldn’t bear it, he could only obey the order.

Jiang He came home and saw the police at the door. He was caught and handcuffed just as he wanted to escape. Seeing Jiang Zhenhai righteously destroy his relatives, Jiang He was struggling desperately while cursing. Jiang Lingdie came back from the outside, both anxious and sad, and watched his brother be taken away, especially two injured policemen behind, helping each other to leave.

After Jiang He was arrested, Zhou Xiaoliu stayed at home to find life and death. Dianthus asked his sons to bring Jiang Zhenhai. However, Jiang Zhenhai was completely unacceptable and insisted that his subordinates deal with it impartially. Jiang He felt desperate. Shizhu went to Director Chen in person. He thought Jiang Zhenhai was thinking about the previous Gang of Four, arresting people without telling evidence, but he didn’t expect that this speculation was demanded by the higher authorities to crack down on it, and there was nothing wrong with it.

Shizhu couldn’t understand why Jiang He’s diligent small business suddenly became a crime. Her question was the general confusion of the people at that time. Even though the ears had heard the clarion call for reform, the shackles in her mind had not been completely liberated. With the development of the times, the accusation of opportunism has now become history.

Jiang Lingdie felt sad, saying that if Jianghe couldn’t get out, she would not forgive Jiang Zhenhai from the bottom of her heart. While Zhou Xiaoxiao patiently comforted Jiang Lingdie, Zhou Xiaoliu suddenly rushed over and forced the two to go to the provincial capital to find Zhou Qing. Unexpectedly, Zhou Qing refused to rescue him, but persuaded the eldest daughter to divorce Jiang He. At the same time, Zhou Xiaofeng received a telegram from the school, urging her to go back for training, Zhao Yingtong sent Zhou Xiaofeng to the train station, and the relationship with him eased.

Zhou Xiaoliu left Zhou’s house angrily, completely torn apart with Zhou Qing, and stayed in the guest house for the time being. It was not until the next morning that the three returned to Heshan County. Seeing Jiang He and other criminals were taken away, they found out that they had been sentenced to four years after questioning. Although Zhou Xiaoliu did not agree with Zhou Qing’s Chen Shimei, he felt that the divorce was good for Zhou Xiaoliu.

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