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Mom’s Waiting For You 妈妈在等你 Episode 21 Recap

Among several children, Zhou Xiaoliu’s life is better as possible. She and Jiang He opened a store in the county to do business. Zhou Xiaofeng took the initiative to go to Zhou Xiaoliu, not only to talk about his father Zhou Qing’s remarriage, but also to talk about his feelings for Zhao Yingtong, hoping she could help.

However, Zhou Xiaoliu did not approve of the youngest brother’s view of love, especially his sister-in-law. Zhou Xiaofeng thinks that love is a high degree of harmony between the lives of two people. Holding hands and growing old together, but Zhou Xiaoliu said that love is about tolerating each other’s shortcomings and possessing all of each other. So she persuaded Zhou Xiaofeng to get rid of crooked thoughts as soon as possible after graduation. Put on a police uniform and find a decent girl to marry.

Even though Zhou Xiaoliu made it very clear, he still looked for Zhao Yingtong firmly, so he went to the door of the machine repair shop to talk to Kong Linggao about this matter, and asked him to help him come up with an idea. Kong Linggao was worried that the carnation would be pricked by others, so he did not support Zhou Xiaofeng’s ideas. However, Zhou Xiaofeng did not listen to anyone, but still showed meticulous concern for Zhao Yingtong.

Zhao Yingtong was overwhelmed by the disturbance, and then took him to worship Zhou Xiaoyang, and told his true thoughts in front of the grave, hoping to live a peaceful life for the rest of the day. However, Zhou Xiaofeng did not give up easily, and even denied Zhao Yingtong every sentence, confessing to her again according to her inner feelings, and begging her to take Yaoyao to move home.

Jiang Zhenhai took the initiative to come to the door and watched Kong Linggao at Shizhu’s house. He threatened to sue Kong Linggao for resigning without authorization, and forced him away. Kong Linggao was very angry, so he went back and bought a big wolf dog, which was used to guard the nursing home and also used to shock Jiang Zhenhai.

Shizhu took Yaoyao home and found that Jiang Zhenhai swept away the original dumplings. She was so angry that it was too late to curse, so she simply cooked fried rice. Zhou Xiaoliu brought Jiang He to find Dianthus, so Zhou Xiaofeng liked his sister-in-law’s affairs. He didn’t expect Dianthus not only not surprised, but reminded her eldest daughter not to talk nonsense again, so as not to upset Zhao Yingtong.

Since Kong Linggao was released from prison, Shizhu always wanted to match him with Zhang Lanfen. At first, Zhang Lanfen felt inappropriate, and decisively refused, but went home to think twice, and finally saw some things, and wanted to find a wife for the rest of his life, and immediately showed her attitude to Dianthus and asked her to help match the bridge.

Immediately before returning to school to report, Zhou Xiaofeng went to the provincial capital to find his father Zhou Qing, intending to persuade him to return when he lost his way, and at the same time blame Zhou Xiaoan and Zhou Xiaoxiao for not treating people well. The three brothers bowed their heads together, discussing how to deal with Liu Pansong, the junior third. However, Zhou Xiaofeng had just made enough preparations to come and swear at someone. When he accidentally saw Zhou Qing’s weak infusion at home, he really couldn’t open his mouth.

Liu Pansong was aware of Zhou Xiaofeng’s intention and hurriedly explained his previous misunderstanding, admitting that he decided to divorce Zhou Qing and would return the man to Dianthus. Faced with Liu Pansong’s response, Zhou Xiaofeng became angry again if he didn’t feel good. He stayed alone to talk to Zhou Qing, and by the way, he took out a photo they took in Heshan, claiming that without Zhou Qing’s photo would not be considered a family portrait, Zhou Qing listened to At these words, I was moved by it.

Before long, Zhou Qing and Liu Pansong came to Heshan together, wanting Zhou Xiaoliu to help invite the carnations to the hotel, and speak thoroughly. Zhou Xiaoliu was so excited that he immediately went to tell Dianthus about the matter, but Dianthus refused to go.

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