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Mom’s Waiting For You 妈妈在等你 Episode 20 Recap

Although Zhou Qing has become Chen Shimei, Zhou Xiaoliu is still angry. She can’t see her mother being wronged, and rushes to the provincial capital with the river overnight. As soon as she enters the door, she smashes the wedding room and scolds Liu Pansong as a vixen, scaring the other side to stand. He dared not move until Zhou Qing came out of the house.

Zhou Xiaoliu cried and angrily accused Zhou Qing of being ungrateful, and at the same time told the truth about Kong Linggao’s imprisonment for Zhou Xiaofeng. It is precisely because of Kong Linggao’s great kindness to Zhou’s family that Dianthus made several children swear that he would treat him like relatives and provide for the elderly in the future. Send to the end. Jiang He couldn’t help but interjected and took the initiative to prove Dianthus’s innocence. After Zhou Qing knew the truth, she couldn’t accept it for a while, and then fainted.

Dianthus sat under the tree all night, and finally figured out that she and Zhou Qing were separated, no matter who was right or wrong, it didn’t make any sense. Now Zhou Qing has found a better destination, perhaps because she has no life to enjoy happiness. , So God will bring Liu Pansong to Zhou Qing’s side.

Now that the children have grown up, Dianthus only hopes that they can learn something, so that neighbors in the neighborhood will know that they can live well without Zhou Qing. Kong Linggao felt guilty about this and wanted to go to Zhou Qing for Dianthus to explain clearly, but Zhou Qing decisively refused, and did not want to take the initiative to ask someone to get back together.

Since Zhou Xiaoliu’s departure, Zhou Qing stayed at home taciturn and hated that she didn’t trust Dianthus. However, now that the rice has been cooked, there is no room for maneuver. Liu Pansong took the initiative to take out the divorce agreement, frankly admitting that she loves Zhou Qing deeply, but can’t compare with the influence of Dianthus, so she is willing to withdraw. Zhou Qing was moved by Liu Pansong’s affectionate words, and did not want to hurt Dianthus, but also continued to hurt Liu Pansong, so he did not agree to the divorce.

Zhao Yingtong wrote a letter rejecting Zhou Xiaofeng’s confession, and by the way mentioned that Zhou Qing had married Liu Pansong, the president of the Provincial Hospital. When Zhou Xiaofeng, who was far away at the police school, learned of the incident, he immediately asked for leave from the school and hurried back to Heshan County, regretting that he had done something wrong, causing Kong Linggao to go to jail, and even giving Zhou Qing the opportunity to pour dirty water on his mother.

Zhou Xiaofeng was completely disappointed with Zhou Qing and wanted to go to him to settle the accounts, but was stopped by Dianthus, thinking that it had already happened, and it would be useless to pursue it, so he told Zhou Xiaofeng that he should study hard now instead of participating in these messy things at home.

Dianthus wants to help Zhang Lanfen and Kong Linggao match, and thinks they are a good match. Zhao Yingtong agreed with her mother’s opinion, so she helped her to talk to Zhang Lanfen, but Zhang Lanfen didn’t expect that Zhang Lanfen disliked Kong Linggao’s background and refused. During Zhou Xiaofeng’s stay at home, Zhao Yingtong felt a little uncomfortable, so he packed his luggage and planned to take Yaoyao to live in the machine repair factory dormitory.

Zhou Xiaoliu asked curiously, Zhao Yingtong changed the subject vaguely, and at the same time warned her and Jiang He not to touch the policy red line. Zhou Xiaoliu was noncommittal. The mention of spies in his words made Zhao Yingtong think that his father, Zhao Ruhai, had not yet been rehabilitated. Shizhu knew that Zhao Yingtong wanted to keep a distance from Zhou Xiaofeng, so he went to talk to her and said that he knew what his son thought, so he also supported her staying with Zhou Xiaofeng.

Even though Dianthus intends to match, Zhao Yingtong has no idea. She always has Zhou Xiaoyang in her heart from beginning to end, and only regards Zhou Xiaofeng as her younger brother. Not only that, Zhao Yingtong is also afraid of other people’s gossip. Dianthus hopes that Zhao Yingtong will not care about outside thoughts and rhetoric, as long as he lives his own life. On the other side, Zhou Xiaofeng went to Kong Linggao for a drink, and talked about the collapse of Zhou Qing’s heroic image in his heart.

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