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In Love With Your Dimples 恋恋小酒a窝 Episode 22 Recap

At this time Tang’s mother suddenly came to China, Tang Shuangli was both happy and worried, and the mother and daughter had serious disagreements on the question of “Where should Tang Shuangli go?” After hearing Tang Shuangli’s explanation of friendship and love, Tang’s mother knew that she could not change her daughter’s mind in a short time, so she asked to see the friend in Tang Shuangli’s mouth. Considering that Lu Zhiyi had to take care of Gu Ling, Tang Shuangli did not tell her boyfriend about Tang’s mother’s coming to China.

At Grandma Tang’s house, He Qizhan and Zhao Mengdi met Tang’s mother. Everything was going well, but He Qiaosheng unexpectedly entered the dinner. He Qiaosheng’s elegant conversation with Beijing in the United States made Tang’s mother feel good about him, and Tang’s mother misunderstood him as Tang Shuangli’s boyfriend and chatted with him enthusiastically. Seeing that the atmosphere was wrong, He Qiaosheng and He Qizhan informed Lu Zhiyi who was still in the hospital.

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