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In Love With Your Dimples 恋恋小酒a窝 Episode 21 Recap

Tang, Lu and his entourage came to Lijiang to play, and the two-person paired He Qiaosheng seemed to be more and more lonely. He Qiaosheng kept sending messages to Ye Lin during the trip, but he never got a response. Lu Zhiyi and Tang Shuangli staged an “Ambiguous Night” in the hotel, but nothing happened to the two straight men and women. Along the way, the true feelings of Tang and Lu were revealed, and He Qiaosheng finally realized that Ye Lin was his inner love.

He Qiaosheng took the initiative to tell Tang Shuangli his previous unbearableness, and sent a sincere blessing to the two of them. The three shook hands and made peace. After the return trip, He Qiaosheng was shocked by the news of Ye Lin’s resignation. At this time, Lu Zhiyi also explained to Tang Shuangli that he was going to accompany Gu Ling in bed. Only then did Tang Shuangli learn that Rouwan’er and Gu Ling had accidents one after another during their absence.

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