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In Love With Your Dimples 恋恋小酒a窝 Episode 20 Recap

In order to deepen the understanding of her boyfriend, Tang Shuangli made a tailor-made “love questionnaire” for Lu Zhiyi. In order to allow Lu Zhiyi to answer the paper with peace of mind, Tang Shuangli offered to walk the dog for Lu Zhiyi. Unexpectedly, the meatballs were accidentally lost. Tang and Lu looked around and finally figured out that Gu Ling had taken the dog away. Lu Zhiyi approached Gu Ling to ask for the meatballs. Gu Ling threatened not to return them unless Tang Shuangli left Tianzhuo. Angrily, Lu Zhiyi gave up the “sovereignty” of Rouwan’er.

The boss of the Internet celebrity company Leo found Zhao Mengdi under the instruction of He Qiaosheng and claimed to be willing to sign a contract with him. But the single clause in the contract made Zhao Mengdi hesitate. At this time, Ye Lin found Tang Shuangli and explained his love for He Qiaosheng and He Qiaosheng’s various behaviors. Tang Shuangli also expressed his love for Lu Zhiyi to Ye Lin.

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