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In Love With Your Dimples 恋恋小酒窝 Episode 7 Recap

Tang Shuangli received dinner invitations from He Qiaosheng and Lu Zhiyi successively. Under the threat of “collecting interesting books”, Tang Shuangli had to come to Lu’s house. Doubtful He Qiaosheng followed the two of them all the way, and based on Ye Lin’s intelligence feedback, he confirmed that it was Lu Zhiyi’s house, which further aroused He Qiaosheng’s desire to compete. Tang Shuangli didn’t expect that Lu Zhiyi directly took him back to his home and asked Rouwan’er to repeat the process of picking up the fun book and being bitten in front of him. Helpless Tang Shuangli had to accept this fact. At this time, Lu Zhiyi played “Fairy Tale” in front of Tang Shuangli, which evoked the memory of Tang Shuangli’s friend “Lu Xiaopang” in middle school. At the same time, He Qizhan and Zhao Mengdi accidentally ran into ex-boyfriend Li Fei when they were filming the retest work of the Internet celebrity contest.

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