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In Love With Your Dimples 恋恋小酒窝 Episode 18 Recap

After hearing Tang Shuangli’s explanation of Shiqu App, Lu Zhiyi was determined to help him realize his dream. At this time, Tang Shuangli frequently suggested that Lu Xiang confessed to himself, and Lu Zhiyi’s evasive attitude angered Tang Shuangli. After watching the video of “Princess A Road Hug” and hearing Gu Ling’s statement to Zhao Mengdi, He Qiaosheng subjectively determined that Zhao Mengdi had other intentions against his younger brother. Lu Zhiyi found He Qizhan complaining but was accused by his friends. He Qizhan suggested that Lu Zhiyi could create a space for two to be alone through business trips, and Lu Zhiyi deeply believed that.

“Group photo (He Qizhan, Zhao Mengdi)” group went out for street shooting, but unexpectedly ran into Tang and Sheng at a food stall. Upon seeing this, He Qizhan quickly notified Lu Zhiyi. At the key stall where He Qiaosheng confessed to Tang Shuangli, Lu Zhiyi who hurried over dragged Tang Shuangli away from the scene. Lu Zhiyi confessed to Tang Zhenqing, and the two established a romantic relationship. At this time, Lu Zhiyi and He Qiaosheng received news that Ye Lin and Gu Ling were drunk, and everyone hurried to the rescue. With the help of Jiu Jin, Gu Ling was taken away by Lu Zhiyi, who was taken away by Lu Zhiyi when he sprinkled the wine in front of Tang Shuangli. Tang Shuangli was lost and left.

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