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In Love With Your Dimples 恋恋小酒窝 Episode 17 Recap

Tang Shuangli accompanied Zhao Mengdi to train cycling skills overnight. He Qizhan was irritated when he saw Tang Shuangli not returning late at night, and he used to toss his brother to vent his anger when there was nowhere to happen, which made He Qiaosheng dumbfounded. After a night of special training, Zhao Mengdi forced his way to accompany He Qizhan to work for his love, but was knocked down by the retrograde. The nervous He Qizhan instantly disappeared, and he took Princess Zhao Mengdi into his arms in public.

At this time, Albert sent invitations to events such as Tianzhuo and Chaoyue. Under the influence of Tang Shuangli, Lu Zhiyi became interested in the theme of “childhood”. The two discussed planning plans while eating sweets. For a time, the office was filled with a taste of childhood. At this time, Gu Ling suddenly came to break the harmonious atmosphere in the house. Gu Ling advocated to Lu Zhiyi to restore her vice president status, and threatened to withdraw Tang Shuangli from the office. In order not to embarrass Lu Zhiyi, Tang Shuangli took the initiative to return to the front desk. Seeing that Tang Shuangli was wronged, He Qizhan didn’t hesitate to blame Tang Shuangli and moved forward to give him warmth, and the trio got back together.

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