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In Love With Your Dimples 恋恋小酒窝 Episode 16 Recap

Tang Shuangli went to the Nougat shop and ran into Lu Zhiyi. The two took the opportunity to spread out the identities of Lu Xiaopang and Xiaoliyu. Tang, Lu, Zhao, and Zhan went to the park to fly kites together. Unexpectedly, the kite accidentally disconnected and flew to the big locust tree that was of special significance to the two’s childhood. Tang Shuangli launched his “sweet revenge” on Lu Zhiyi under the tree. The four of them went to experience the room escape. Unexpectedly, at the beginning of the game, Tang Shuangli suffered from claustrophobia.

Under Lu Zhiyi’s emergency rescue, Tang Shuangli gradually regained consciousness. Gu Ling was very sad because of Lu Zhiyi’s indifferent attitude, so she asked He Qiaosheng to get drunk. He Qiaosheng reminded Gu Ling that Tianzhuo shareholder status can be used. He Qiaosheng asked Ye Lin to take the drunk Gu Ling home with him, but Ye Lin misunderstood that Gu Ling was He Qiaosheng’s ambiguous object and looked unhappy.

When He Qiaosheng revealed that Gu Ling was Lu Zhiyi’s ex-girlfriend, Ye Lin felt embarrassed. The four came to the hot pot restaurant. Tang Shuangli wanted to announce at the dinner table that the “moving” was stopped by Zhao Mengdi. Seeing the clues of the two of them, Lu Zhiyi dragged Tang Shuangli away by himself after the dinner to ask the hidden situation. At the same time, He Qizhan came to Zhao Mengdi’s house to repair the bedside lamp. Zhao Mengdi reached his lips several times but finally failed to say it.

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