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In Love With Your Dimples 恋恋小酒窝 Episode 15 Recap

Seeing Lu Zhiyi’s late return, the birthday feast ended in a hurry. He Qizhan deliberately drove everyone’s return car to He Qiaosheng, and took the opportunity to persuade his brother not to waste his efforts on Tang Shuangli. What embarrassed He Qizhan was that not only did his elder brother not adopt his suggestion, but his elder brother backhanded the ambiguous relationship with Zhao Mengdi.

Under Gu Ling’s endless unreasonable troubles, Lu Zhiyi locked him in the car and left alone and notified Zhao Da to send him back. Zhao and Tang came to the spa with Ye Lin’s card. The two girlfriends opened their hearts in the lounge area and discussed their favorite boys such as Lu and Zhan and their understanding of love. Zhao Mengdi’s words “Love is not that complicated, and the heartbeat is a momentary thing” made Tang Shuangli deeply agree. The two also agreed that Tang Shuangli would move to Zhao Mengdi’s house in the near future. At the same time, Lu and Zhan had a lively chat at home. Encouraged by He Qizhan, Lu Zhiyi slammed Tang Shuangli from the spa downstairs.

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