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In Love With Your Dimples 恋恋小酒窝 Episode 14 Recap

Several people used Jiu Jin to tell the truth and tell the truth at the dinner. Seeing that Jiu Jin was weak, Lu Zhiyi left the banquet early. At the same time, He Wu intends to learn from Jimmy that Hush is more interested in Tianzhuo’s bidding plan. He Qiaosheng apologized to Ye Lin about Tang’s affairs and instructed Ye Lin to try to steal the Tianzhuo plan. He Qiaosheng once again proposed to Ye Lin that Tang Shuangli should be the technical director.

Ye Lin was strongly opposed, and the two broke up. Upon waking up, Tang Shuangli received birthday messages from Tang’s grandma, Tang’s mother and others. At the same time, He and Zhao accidentally discovered that they were sleeping on the same bed after sobering up. He Qizhan couldn’t argue with a hundred mouths, and Zhao Mengdi was secretly happy. After breakfast, the three of them went to Tongqu Park to celebrate the birthday of Tang Shuangli according to the previous agreement. He Qizhan notified Lu Zhiyi of the news in private.

He Qiaosheng also came to the Children’s Fun Park by appointment, not wanting to meet Ye Lin who was notified by He Qizhan to travel with him. Just as the two were embarrassed, Tang Shuangli, Lu Zhiyi and others arrived one after another. Group of six people enter the children’s playground to play together. As soon as he entered the park, He Qiaosheng and Tang Shuangli staged a “Senior Brother and Sister Love”, and the intimate behavior of the two deeply stimulated Lu Zhiyi. Encouraged by He Qizhan, Lu Zhiyi finally decided to put down his restraint and confront He Qiaosheng head-on.

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