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In Love With Your Dimples 恋恋小酒窝 Episode 13 Recap

Tang Shuangli went to the net celebrity trampoline hall to relax, He Qiaosheng took advantage of the vacancy to accompany him, and took Tang Shuangli to Chaoyue to visit. Ye Lin’s polite neglect of Tang Shuangli was accused by He Qiaosheng, which made Ye Lin, who had always been submissive, sad. At the same time, under He Qizhan’s soul torture, Lu Zhiyi finally admitted his special feelings for Tang Shuangli. To help the two reconcile, He Qizhan organized a family dinner to create opportunities for Lu Zhiyi. Zhao Mengdi’s hand was accidentally cut while cooking, He Qizhan helped to bandage, and Tang Shuangli was watching.

At this time, Lu Zhiyi suddenly came to the door. Tang Shuangli, who was still angry, asked Lu Zhiyi to wear his “lady’s slippers”, and Lu Zhiyi complained repeatedly. When assigning the task of cooking, Zhao Mengdi forced Tang Shuangli to Lu Zhiyi in the kitchen on the grounds that he wanted to be alone with He Qizhan. Tang Shuangli once again demonstrated his black hole cooking characteristics, shocking Lu Zhiyi with his unique skill in throwing fish. A pair of happy friends bumped into each other in the kitchen, and Lu Zhiyi took the opportunity to show his favor to Tang Shuangli and explain the misunderstanding, and the two reconciled.

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