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In Love With Your Dimples 恋恋小酒窝 Episode 12 Recap

After thinking about it, Tang Shuangli finally decided to go to Lu Zhiyi’s house to speak clearly. Unexpectedly, he pushed the door and saw Gu Ling stage a “splendid scene”, Tang Shuangli slammed the door and left. Lu Zhiyi left Gu Ling behind with a hundred mouths, followed Tang all the way to his home, but was turned away. At this time, Lu Zhiyi ran into He Qiaosheng downstairs in the Tang’s house, and the two met to go to He Qiaosheng’s house for a drink. During the conversation, He Qiaosheng deliberately let Lu see the photo album of him and Tang, and generously admitted that he was a senior, which caused Lu Zhiyi to become jealous and use wine to relieve his sorrow. The provoked Tang Shuangli submitted a resignation letter to Lu Zhiyi. Seeing Tang Shuangli’s decisive attitude, Lu Zhiyi did not force him to stay. Tang Shuangli left Tianzhuo.

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