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In Love With Your Dimples 恋恋小酒窝 Episode 11 Recap

He Qiaosheng met Tang Shuangli by chance. Seeing that Tang Shuangli was in a bad mood, He Qiaosheng turned off work and took Tang to the aquarium to relax. Ye Lin, who was suspicious, tracked He Qiaosheng through her mobile phone, and was lost after seeing the ambiguous picture of Tang and He in the dolphin performance auditorium. Lu Zhiyi once again asked He Qizhan about his relationship with Tang, and He Qizhan swore to prove his innocence. Lu Zhiyi asked a friend to apologize for him, and He Qizhan readily agreed. He Qizhan threatened to have a car to send Zhao Mengdi home, Zhao Mengdi was full of joy and walked with Zhan, but it was a bicycle. Zhao Mengdi was holding He Qizhan’s waist in the back seat of the car, and the two of them were heartbroken for an instant. Jessica is the subordinate that Gu Ling pulled out when he was vice president of Tianzhuo. Gu Ling met with Jessica and told her about her plan to return to Tianzhuo.

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