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In Love With Your Dimples 恋恋小酒窝 Episode 10 Recap

Tang Shuangli asked He Qizhan whether he felt about Zhao Mengdi. After getting an answer from an “ordinary friend”, Tang Shuangli asked why he kissed Zhao Mengdi! He Qizhan has no answer. Tang Shuangli helped Lu Zhiyi make coffee, and Lu Zhiyi took the opportunity to break He Qiaosheng and He Qizhan’s affairs. After the two had a big fight in the president’s room, Tang Shuangli hurriedly threw off the dandelion and seized the door. Unexpectedly, the employees gathered at the door to eavesdrop. He Qizhan found Lu Zhiyi to explain their innocence, and lied that Tang Shuangli did not come home overnight. Lu Zhiyi was skeptical. In the process, I accidentally discovered Lu’s favor with Tang. Lu Zhiyi desperately denied it after being investigated. Gu Ling asked her old friend He Qiaosheng for coffee. And inquire about Tang’s news from He. He Qiaosheng informs Gu Ling of the relationship between Tang and Lu. Gu Ling left angrily, and was full of bumps with Tang Shuangli.

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