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In Love With Your Dimples 恋恋小酒窝 Episode 1 Recap

Tang Shuangli meets Lu Zhiyi, Tang Shuangli and He Qizhan live together

An extreme sports six years ago made Lu Zhiyi completely fall in love with extreme sports. When facing diving, two of Lu Zhiyi’s friends advised him not to jump, but Lu Zhiyi chose to jump down, even though his friends thought he would just jump. After fainting, Lu Zhiyi was still awake and stood up and shouted. This feeling was too exciting. Tang Shuangli in the field saw Lu Zhiyi who was playing extreme sports and felt very good, so he chose to try it. But because it was too high, Tang Shuangli did not dare to go any further.

The staff who had been cheering themselves on the side were impatient, and at this time Lu Zhiyi appeared and directly pushed Tang Shuangli down, and when Tang Shuangli came up, he pushed Lu Zhiyi down angrily and was still screaming on the side. But Lu Zhiyi He was not afraid at all but enjoyed it. After the end, Tang Shuangli found a mushroom and was about to ask Lu Zhiyi. He appeared and knocked the mushroom off. When Tang Shuangli was about to be angry, the assistant next to him fell down and signaled that the poisonous Tang Shuangli had to sit in his place. Lu Zhiyi, who was humming a song, was attracted by her.

Tang Shuangli came out of the woods alone and shouted that he had come back, and Lu Zhiyi was also here to take pictures. I accidentally heard Tang Shuangli call his name, so he took a photo of Tang Shuangli and waited for him to go back. It was night Tang Shuangli was walking in the woods alone. Li didn’t know that there was a poisonous snake behind. Fortunately, Lu Zhiyi appeared and electrocuted the snake. Tang Shuangli, who was frightened, was about to leave. However, he stumbled and stumbled on his chest. Where was the blood-sucking bug clinging to him.

Lu Zhiyi pulled it out and held it. When Tang Shuangli went back, Zhao Da who was on the phone saw this scene and immediately went gossiping, but Lu Zhiyi only asked Zhao Da to take the medical kit for him, and Lu Zhiyi and Tang Shuangli agreed to help her suck blood tomorrow. They knew no one. As a result, Zhao Da As soon as he came over, he saw Tang Shuangli’s name Lu Zhiyi and had to take Zhao Da away after treating the wound. Lu Zhiyi, who was sitting outside alone, remembered Tang Shuangli, who was always vying for the first place when he was a child, and wondered if it was her.

And here, He Qiaosheng and his younger brother He Qizhan are getting the most rings in the ring. Then He Qiaosheng asked him where he moved, but He Qizhan refused to say. But here, Tang Shuangli dragged his luggage to his grandmother’s house. Unexpectedly, He Qizhan had already lived in it. Two people were arguing about the house. He Qizhan paid the rent to live here, but this house was the last argument of Tang Shuangli’s grandma. Tang Shuangli quickly slipped to He Qizhan’s.

I went to the study, because where was the place she used to live, and here Lu Zhiyi took out a photo of her childhood and compared it with the current Tang Shuangli, and wanted to know if it was her, but He Qizhan still couldn’t bear to give Tang Shuangli a quilt at night. He Qizhan got up the next day and found that the house was messed up and finally couldn’t help looking for Tang Shuangli. But the other party didn’t want to go, but they had no choice but to find grandma. Finally, they negotiated that Tang Shuangli could live here but would have to pay 500 water and electricity bills. Tang Shuangli had just returned home and had no money, but he still agreed.

Then Tang Shuangli came to the nougat that he often ate when he was a child, and found that it was still the original taste, so he bought two packs and took it to the riverside to eat. When he left Lu Zhiyi, he walked over and ate the same nougat. Memories when Tang Shuangli gave it to him when he was a child. The memories of eating sugar by themselves, and He Qiaosheng here they are preparing for the Ha Shi Group to bid.

It happens that the person in charge of Ha Shi this time is Albert He’s younger brother, but this can’t make them take it lightly. Albert is working with him. After the video and voice of his wife, he saw the photo taken with Tang Shuangli and decided to call the other party out, but He Qizhan went back and found that it was broken and the water was cut off and asked Tang Shuangli what was going on. It turned out that Tang Shuangli did this to save money.

Zhan was so angry that he went back to the room. Tang Shuangli received a text message from Albert to meet him. Recalling that he knew that he was going to get married but he couldn’t make a phone call. Tang Shuangli decided to meet each other, but Tang Shuangli met He Qiao on the way. The person Sheng used to admire when he was in college saw He Qiaosheng talking with Albert and Tang Shuangli decided to leave and happened to meet Lu Zhiyi.

The unhappy Tang Shuangli came to the flower and bird market after finishing his mood and met He Qizhan. Tang Shuangli saw a small turtle that looked like He Qizhan and teased with the boss. Finally, He Qizhan bought the tortoise and gave it to Tang Shuangli. While playing, Tang Shuangli decided to invite He Qizhan to dinner. This is the kind of food stall. Tang Shuangli asked for a lot of alcohol to drink. He Qizhan was worried about whether he could drink so much. The phone rang. He Qizhan went to answer the phone. Tang Shuangli was driven by Lu Zhiyi. see.

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