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Brilliant Girls 爱的理想生活 Episode 38 Recap

Wen Ruxue finished the manuscript of the new episode of the show. She specially asked Bai Xiangwen to have a look. Bai Xiangwen believed in her strength. Suddenly Wen Ruxue received a message from her mother and learned that her father was a loyal fan of her show. Bai Xiangwen encouraged her. I went to see my father. Wen Ruxue didn’t want to see. Bai Xiangwen grew up in a single-parent family. He wanted to see his father most.

Even if he was a heinous murderer, Bai Xiangwen persuaded Wen Ruxue to try to accept her father. Wen Ruxue suddenly received a message from her father. His father was coming to Shanghai for a while. He wanted to meet Wen Ruxue. Wen Ruxue was not happy at all. Since her parents divorced, their father and daughter rarely met. If she is successful, her father will take the initiative to contact her.

Duan Xu went to entertaining after get off work. He drank a lot of alcohol. Dai Xixi came to pick him up at the hotel. Duan Xu broke up with Dai Xixi face to face through Jiu Jin. She also said that she was too naive. Dai Xixi gritted her teeth with anger and admitted she was naive, but just liked him . Dai Xixi sent Duan Xu home and asked him warmly. A woman brought a boy to the door suddenly, and the boy called Duan Xu’s father when Coke came in. Dai Xixi was dumbfounded.

Dai Xixi went home and cried to Ding Huiqiao and Wen Xiaoyang. They desperately tried to comfort Dai Xixi. Dai Xixi was so sad that she couldn’t cry. Wen Xiaoyang encouraged her to snatch Duan Xu back. Ding Huiqiao also made an idea to let her know her and her opponent. Dai Xixi came to Duan Xu’s house early in the morning and saw Yuanyuan dressed in her slippers and apron, and became the hostess of the house grandiosely. Dai Xixi had to bear the dissatisfaction in her heart and negotiate with her alone.

Yuanyuan admitted that she and Duan Xu were together in her junior year and fell in love for five years. They broke up because Duan Xu didn’t want to get married, but later Yuanyuan found out she was pregnant with Duan Xu’s child, and Duan Xu agreed. She gave birth to her child and Yuanyuan came back from abroad. Because of financial difficulties, she needed Duan Xu’s help. Yuanyuan heard that Duan Xu had broken up with her.

Wen Ruxue disclosed in the show that she and Bai Xiangwen had a disagreement after they watched each other’s mobile phones. Wen Ruxue believes that the husband and wife should trust each other. Bai Xiangwen watched this episode of the show and felt very uncomfortable. Dai Xixi came to Wen Ruxue to complain. She was unwilling to admit defeat like this. Duan Xu refused to marry her, and she avoided raising children. Wen Ruxue came up with an idea to let her overwhelm the other party in aura first, and treat her with kindness. Coke, Wen Ruxue thinks that the more things are wrong, she thinks things are strange.

It turned out that Coke was the son of Duan Xu’s good friend Jiang Cheng. Jiang Cheng died in a car accident. Yuanyuan returned to China to discuss with her mother-in-law about the custody of Coke. Duan Xu asked Yuanyuan to pretend to be his ex-girlfriend and asked Coke to pretend to be him. Son, just want to make Dai Xi hopeless.

Wen Ruxue came to attend a colleague gathering. Cheng Tianye publicly announced the good news. The company has decided to officially hire Wen Ruxue as the female anchor. Colleagues congratulate Wen Ruxue. Cheng Tianye reminds Wen Ruxue not to be in marriage. Make mistakes so as not to affect the ratings of the show.

After drinking and eating, Wen Ruxue wanted to wait for Bai Xiangwen to pick her up, and couldn’t wait to send Shen Kuo and others away. Cheng Tianye was so drunk and unconscious, she offered to send Wen Ruxue home, and Wen Ruxue hurriedly called. A special car took him home, and the entertainment reporter followed him with sneak shots. The driver took Cheng Tianye and Wen Ruxue to the underground garage. Mia waited there early. Cheng Tianye admitted that he and Mia were together. Because Cheng Tianye vomited in the car, Wen Ruxue repeatedly apologized to the driver. The driver was dismissed only after a good deal.

Yuji stopped the driver of the special car and found that Wen Ruxue was not in the car, so he determined that Wen Ruxue and Cheng Tianye were living together. Wen Ruxue came home very late and heard that Bai Xiangwen was on the phone with the boss in Oakland. Wen Ruxue desperately to please Bai Xiangwen. Bai Xiangwen was not lukewarm to her. Wen Ruxue guessed it was because of the show, Bai Xiangwen. I don’t want her to talk about their privacy in the show.

Sammy conveyed the decision of the group company, agreed to renovate 50 smart guest rooms, and urged finance to pay back the money that Dinghuiqiao had paid to Cooley as soon as possible, and revealed that someone had framed Dinghuiqiao and Cooley for money. The group company has sent someone to verify that Ding Huiqiao paid his own money to serve the company, and Li Wensen immediately decided to lay off the company. Uncle Jiang knew that he would be laid off when he was too old, so he bid farewell to Luo Shang and others.

Luo Shang took the initiative to come to Li Wensen for a showdown. Li Wensen insisted that Ding Huiqiao used the layoffs as a bargaining chip in exchange for guest room renovation. Luo Shang didn’t believe him at all. Li Wensen reminded Luo Shang to plan his own business, otherwise Ding Huiqiao would look down on him. Huiqiao needs to sacrifice Luo Shang’s interests to get herself to the top, she will not hesitate.

Yuanyuan is going to discuss with her mother-in-law about the custody of Coke. She asks Duan Xu to help take care of Coke. Dai Xixi deliberately bought a lot of toys and food for Coke. She expressed her attitude to Duan Xu that she could accept Coke.

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