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Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 7 Recap

Yuan Kan finds Liu E. Thanks to Liu E’s brave deeds in the hall, not only saved herself, but also succeeded in earning herself the crown prince. Liu E smiled slightly, but hoped that Yuan Kan could become a prince of the generation and stay with herself.

A few years later, Xiao Chuo, empress dowager of the Liao Dynasty, led troops to invade and Zhenzhou fell. After hearing the report, Yuan Kan ordered the general to go to defend against the enemy, but he regards peace as the most important thing and does not need to entangle. But the emperor thought that he should take this opportunity to reclaim the lost land. Unexpectedly, the ministers all supported Yuan Kan. This situation made the emperor feel unhappy and insisted on regaining lost ground.

Liu E teaches his seven-year-old son Zhao Ji to concentrate on studying. In the past few years, both Liu E and his mother have settled outside the house. Therefore, Yuan Kan is very guilty. There is this controversy. This time the imperial examination papers were reviewed by Yuan Kan and the ministers. Yuan Kan read the candidate Ding Wei’s article and was very curious. He specially called him to meet him. When asked about his views on military strength, Ding Wei pointed out that the current state treasury is insufficient and should not be reconciled In the Liao Dynasty, it is better to cultivate elite soldiers, not to show others that they are weak and peace is the most important thing.

Ding Wei’s views coincided with Yuan Kan and made sense. Yuan Kan directly declared Ding Wei to be the No. 1 in the new discipline. The emperor finished listening in silence, but just put aside a few words, and walked away indifferently. Now that the veteran has left, the emperor feels lost. Recalling the invasion of the Liao army and his own arrow wounds, the emperor couldn’t let go of his inner hatred, and decided to take Yuan Kan to worship Taizu together.

General Wang realized that the emperor was short of time, so he went back to Lenggong and reported the matter to the queen. General Wang said that the imperial army could be dispatched. Once the emperor died, General Wang could help the queen assist the king of Chu….

The emperor and Yuan Kan went to pay homage to their ancestors. The emperor ordered Lu Duan to find himself late at night. When Lu Duan arrived, it was indeed the emperor who seriously asked Lu Duan to assist Yuan Kan in order to find a virtuous minister to assist Yuan Kan, and handed his will to Lu. Duan, listening to the emperor’s weak breathing, Lu Duan hid his face and wiped tears. General Wang walked into the palace, watched the emperor’s breath coldly, and walked silently to the palace of King Chu. He originally wanted to help King Chu ascend to the throne.

Who knows that King Chu is really crazy. The general manager Wang quickly found the prince. The false legend said that the emperor was about to die and wanted to summon the prince, but the other side called the imperial army to lift the prince’s sedan chair. He heard the entourage coming back to report the matter, and Wang Guo was worried and asked the entourage to report the matter to Kou. quasi.

Manager Wang knew that the emperor had summoned Lu Duan before his death, and quickly brought the Forbidden Army to Lu Duan’s mansion, saying that the emperor wanted to summon Lu Duan before his death. Lu Duan saw through the master Wang’s tricks, so he asked the king to enter the urn, and then used the imperial decree to order the king’s imperial army, which prevented the king from manipulating everyone in his hands.

The prince was trapped in the dungeon, and Yuan Kan thought it was the emperor who made this order to punish him. Yuan Kan was heartbroken when he learned that Manager Wang was secretly not mourning. Now that Manager Wang has been arrested, Queen Li’s trick has failed. The prince succeeded to the throne and Lu Duan was appointed as the prime minister. But the kind-hearted Yuan Kan decided to exile Wang Manager and Queen Li. As for the king of Chu, Yuan Kan felt distressed and decided to live with the king of Chu. Fearing that the ministers might criticize him, he decided not to send Liu E’s mother and her son into the palace, and settled in the Prince Xiang’s Mansion.

The Liao army had the intention of retreating because of insufficient food and grass, but the Queen Mother Xiao proposed that the two parties exchange the prince as a proton, so that Song and Daliao signed a covenant of never fighting. When the time comes, they will be released. After hearing this, the ministers had their own opinions.

Yuan Kan was hesitating and prepared to retreat first, and went to the imperial concubine’s bedroom to visit the eldest prince Youer. Seeing the well-behaved Youer, Yuan Kan wanted to play with Youer in the garden, but Emperor Guo was long. Kneeling down, begging the emperor not to take his son, thinking of the pain of the imperial concubine’s loss of children, Yuan Kan couldn’t bear to speak, so he had to agree to the imperial concubine’s request.

When Yuan Kan found Liu E, Liu E was already absent-minded. Knowing that the ending was like this, Liu E still burst into tears. He could only hold her child tightly, very unbearable, but how could Yuan Kan give up, helplessly for Jiangshan Sheji, only Send out your own emperor. Wan’er found Liu E, hoping to have her own to accompany the prince. Liu E thought about it and felt that this was the safe choice. Yuan Kan on the other side of the wall listened silently and turned to leave.

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