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Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 6 Recap

The ministers began to argue for Yuan Kan, but the suspicious emperor decided to find Yuan Kan before making a decision. Zhao Pu came to Kou Zhun’s mansion and said that he was talking to the king of Chu who had fled after the imperial court. After Zhao Jin’s aggressive questioning, King Chu told the truth. Zhao Pu guessed that Yuan Kan had entered to save Liu E. In danger, Kou Zhun promised Zhao Pu to take a team to search for Yuan Kan. Zhao Pu also reported to the palace and got the emperor’s permission to ask General Pan Liang to investigate the truth. After hearing this, the officials and the queen on the side began to wink at each other.

Liu E took Yuan Kan to hide in an abandoned temple. At this time, Yuan Kan seemed to be ill, his face was pale, and he kept talking about Liu E’s guilt, but Liu E still calmed Yuan Kan and watched him fall asleep. The next day, Liu E walked through the mountains and water to gather herbs for Yuan Kan, but suddenly there was pain in his stomach, and Liu E’s hand was covered with blood.

Yuan Xi’s subordinate Wang Jien led his troops to the abandoned temple, and he saw King Xiang shivering under the haystack, about to go down with his bayonet. Su Yijian came with troops. Under the battle, he wanted to stay alive, but the assassins were all killed by the dark arrows.

Liu E was in pain, climbed into the cave, and gave birth to a baby boy alone. Su Yijian hurriedly followed Wang Xiang’s order to search, and heard the cry of the baby, and found Liu E who had almost passed out. The emperor’s grandson was resettled, Liu E and Yuan Kan temporarily settled in Su Yijian’s mansion. Su Yijian reported the situation to Kou Zhun, but Kou Zhun frowned and said that Xu Wangzhan had done his best. Su Yijian still believed that the emperor would investigate The truth, Kou Zhun nodded in agreement, and said that he and Wang Qinruo and others would fully support King Xiang.

Liu E named his son Ji’er, Su Yijian brought Li Wan’er into the mansion. The sisters finally met. Yuan Kan was ill. Fortunately, his strong desire to survive made him healed. Seeing mother and son in peace, Yuan Kan suddenly fell into happiness. But it didn’t last long before the emperor quickly summoned the three princes to enter the palace to confront each other. Yuan Kan could only lament the pain of fighting for rights between the brothers.

In front of the emperor, when asked about the isolation camp, Yuan Kan personally admitted that he broke into the isolation camp to rescue Liu E, but the emperor became furious when he heard Liu E’s name, and even ordered Yuan Kan to be detained in Dali again. Temple. Zhao Pu then once again persuaded the emperor not to just listen to what Yuan Xi and Yuan Ji said, but at this time the emperor could no longer suppress the fire, and just waved away.

At this time, Zhao Pu thought about it, and suddenly suggested that the emperor go to the queen to listen to different opinions. When the emperor came to the harem, he heard the voice of the eldest prince Yuan Ji from the queen’s bedroom. Then he discovered the business between Yuan Ji and the queen. Suddenly, Long Yan was furious and kicked the door open…

King Xiang was imprisoned, Queen Li was imprisoned in the cold palace, and King Chu went crazy. The news from the palace was so disturbing that Princess Guo was upset when she heard it, and she suddenly had a nausea. Only then did Pan Yuzhu realize that her sister was pregnant. The emperor decreed that Yuan Kan was sent to Cangzhou to force Yuan Kan to admit his mistakes, but Yuan Kan valued his love and righteousness, and was unwilling to compromise.

He rejected Kou Zhun who came to dissuade him, and Kou Zhun also decided to follow King Xiang all the time. Discussing how to rescue Yuan Kan with a few ministers at the Prince Xiang’s Mansion. Originally, it was a happy event for Princess Guo to become pregnant, but I was afraid that telling the emperor at this moment would be misunderstood as being threatened by the emperor’s grandson. Su Yijian persuaded Liu E to leave the capital to avoid affecting the mother and son, but Liu E still pondered how to rescue King Xiang.

In the hall, the minister wanted to persuade the emperor, but they were all refuted. At this moment, Su Yijian asked for an audience. It turned out that Liu E wanted to enter the hall and watched Liu E walk into the hall with a baby. Convicted of Liu E, but when Liu E was holding the emperor grandson, the emperor suddenly stopped to blame, and the emperor who hugged the emperor grandson, who was smiling, immediately let go of his obsession. Not only did he avoid the death penalty, he also allowed Yuan Kan to return to the hall. on.

Seeing the calm Yuan Kan and the trembling Yuan Xi, the emperor dropped a sharp sword indifferently, and ordered the two brothers to ask themselves, and the real culprit to apologize. Seeing his father turned his back, Yuan Xi used his sword to stab Yuan Kan, but a dozen soldiers rushed out to stop him. It seemed that the emperor had already made a decision. Yuan Xi cried himself in resentment and died in Yuan Kan’s arms. Although there were some grievances between the brothers, Yuan Kan was also distressed when he saw the collapsed body.

Zhao Pu was seriously ill. The emperor went to visit and asked who could assist the future emperor Yuan Kan. Zhao Pu said Lu Duan’s name. The emperor listened to him and thought carefully. Now Yuan Kan is the only one left among the princes and princesses, and there is no one to stop him. The emperor ordered Yuan Kan to be the prince, and finally put on him the symbol of the future emperor with his own hands.

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