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Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 5 Recap

Su Yijian hurried upstairs to look for it, but did not see Liu E many times. Had to report the news to Yuan Kan. Currently Liu E has been pregnant for several months, but still smokes wormwood and cooks herbs to take care of everyone.

Wang Qinruo and Yuan Xi’s memorial arrived together. Zhao Pu believed that Wang Qinruo’s memorial was more credible, but the emperor decided to look at the situation again and sent a special envoy to Huazhou. Unexpectedly, King Xu stopped the envoy and distributed food for disasters in order to gain popular support. Liu E lined up to receive the food for the disaster. Unexpectedly, the mother-in-law who accompanied him had died on the bed. Although he met strangers, Liu E still felt sad and wept bitterly.

Yuan Kan found an abandoned village in accordance with the method of diverting the flood, where the hard walls can withstand the flood. Sure enough, under Yuan Kan’s instructions, the flood around Huazhou City was dredged, and the people fell into joy. Wang Qinruo and Kou Zhun returned to the hall to report on King Xiang’s merits.

Now that they have recovered after the disaster, King Xiang is still struggling in the disaster area. The ministers praised King Xiang and many voices proposed to support King Xiang as the prince. The emperor was very pleased, but at this moment, the chief official and eunuch next to the emperor slandered Yuan Kan by diverting water to kill other villagers. Let the emperor recite the infamy, the emperor fell into contemplation again after hearing this.

Walking in the palace, the emperor suddenly heard the sound of the shadow play. It turned out that the queen was watching the play, seemingly unintentional, but all of this was deliberately arranged by the queen. The story of Yi Ya and Guan Zhong was metaphorically referred to as the emperor and Zhao Pu, which caused the emperor to treat Zhao Pu. His suspicion came to hinder Yuan Kan. Listening to the emperor walking away, the queen shook her fan silently.

The news came that an epidemic broke out in the medical hall of Huazhou City, and Yuan Kan hurriedly went to investigate the situation. Sure enough, the disease spread severely. Yuan Kan deliberately asked two elder brothers to discuss a solution, and Xu Wang and Chu Wang wanted to escape. Who knows Yuan Kan’s persuasion, they must resolve the matter.

The second prince Xu Wang changed his mind and promised to help Yuan Kan set up an isolation camp to intensively treat patients. The king of Chu originally thought that the two had the same opinion, who knew that he had seen Yuan Xi set up a concentration camp in Yuan Kan’s name, opened up a massacre, and even set fire to the camp. The ruthless Yuan Xi refused to listen to the persuasion of the king of Chu, Yuan Ji, and left.

Yuan Ji did not want to mix up any more, and left with his face. Su Yijian reported to Yuan Kan that Liu E was likely to be mistakenly placed in a concentration camp as a patient, so Yuan Kan hurried to go, but at this time, Yuan Xi’s army was committing atrocities, and Yuan Xi and Yuan Ji found Yuan Kan’s figure. Panic in his heart, Yuan Xi’s murderous intent appeared and ordered his men to close the concentration camp and drew his sword to King Xiang. Yuan Kan hurriedly looked for Liu E’s figure. Seeing that the soldiers were about to kill Liu E, Yuan Kan hurriedly rescued him.

Only then did Yuan Kan reunite with Liu E and ran away from the small road with Liu E. Su Yijian slammed out of the enemy army, but found that the concentration camp at the moment had been bloody, with corpses everywhere. Yuan Ji, who was watching from a high place, still couldn’t bear the brotherhood and wept bitterly for Yuan Kan. Liu E and Yuan Kan hid in the bushes beside them. Yuan Kan learned that Liu E was already pregnant, and felt even more guilty for Liu E. They embraced each other deeply and left each other.

The memorial of King Xu was delivered again, and King Xu shirks all charges against Yuan Kan, making the emperor furious and ordering the missing Yuan Kan to be found. Instead, Xu Wangyuanxi was loved by the people and took all the credit. But Yuan Ji, the king of Chu, couldn’t sleep peacefully every day, and his dreams were all like Yuan Kan calling for help in a sea of ​​fire. In the early morning of the next day, as expected, Wang Xu kept pushing all the sins on Ke Yuankan, but Wang Qinruo and Kou Zhun refuted, saying that the truth was not the case. The truth was difficult to tell. Everyone asked the king of Chu. But King Chu, who was extremely frightened, chose to escape, saying that he had never been to a concentration camp because of his physical illness…

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