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Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 4 Recap

The Yellow River broke its dyke, flooded, and the flood control incident was very urgent. Zhao Pu recommended Yuan Kan to go for disaster relief and let Yuan Kan exercise as a prince. But at this moment, Yuan Kan was full of pleading for Liu E, irritating the emperor, and ordered the three princes to go to treat the water together.

Yuan Kan returned to the mansion but did not find Liu E again. It turned out that Liu E was afraid of encumbering King Xiang and hurriedly escaped from the capital, only to find that he was pregnant with King Xiang’s flesh and blood. Yuan Kan became increasingly haggard because he did not see Liu E. Now the emperor has ordered Huazhou to treat the water. Yuan Kan intends to bring Su Yijian along the way to inquire about Liu E’s whereabouts.

When Yuan Kan and Su Yijian came to Huazhou, they found that the victims were everywhere and the situation was urgent. Here, the king of Chu arbitrarily distributed food and caused the victims to rob the victims. On the other side, the king Xu slandered the officials for corruption and wanted to execute the water officer.

As the son of the river officer, Wang He even fell into the water and died, making the victims grief and indignation. King Xiang hurried to stop, King Xu left angrily, Yuan Kan calmed the victims and the water officer on the spot. The current problem is that the materials used for disaster relief have been corrupted and cut corners. Wang Xiang and Su Yijian are going to find Huazhou official Liu Yi, and the second prince Yuan Xi on the other side is to resist Yuan Kan. Order the subordinates to go down and notify Liu Yi to pay attention to Yuan Kan.

Compared with the two unmotivated brothers, Yuan Kan studied the disaster all night. Who knew that the victims rioted because of Wang He’s death and surrounded Yuan Xi’s tent. The eldest prince’s subordinates came to persuade the people to reassure them, but the eldest prince had no such intentions at all, and would rather not hear about it. Yuan Xi came forward, but insisted that Wang He was a corrupt official, which aroused public outrage again.

At this moment, Yuan Kan came forward and asked Su Yijian to plead guilty, and asked Su Yijian to punish herself with a jingle in front of everyone. Only then did the people feel convinced and knelt down to ask Su Yijian to stop. The eldest prince and the third prince did not expect Yuan Kan to be so decisive, and they all bowed their heads and left. Su Yijian helped King Xiang back to the tent, and the two chatted with Liu E again. King Xiang still thought about it, and firmly believed that he would be able to meet Liu E this time.

The disaster spread, and the area where Liu E was located was indeed affected by the disaster. Fortunately, Liu E was kind and took care of the fainted mother-in-law and hungry children. The relief efforts were initially effective, and the emperor sent Kou Zhun and Wang Qinruo again to visit the WeChat account with Shang Fang Baojian.

When the queen met with Princess Guo, the nurse saw that the queen was wearing red embroidered shoes when the emperor was seriously ill, and Princess Guo fell into deep thought after hearing this. Find Yushu, and ask Concubine Pan not to talk too much to Queen Li about the current situation of King Xiang’s water treatment. On the other side, the area where Liu E was located was notified by the government to move to Huazhou City. The heavy rain fell sharply and the flood rose.

Su Yijian quickly took Yuan Kan into Huazhou City. Liu E settled down with her mother-in-law, but the floods had broken the bank and the city was about to flood Huazhou City. Yuan Kan hurriedly led people to block the city gate with sandbags, and everyone tried their best to carry the sandbags to prevent the flood from invading the city again. After the flood, the victims were in trouble again, Yuan Kan looked heartbroken.

But on the other hand, Liu Yi persuaded Yuan Xi to leave Huazhou City quickly, and by the way sent a large amount of gold and silver jewelry to bribe Yuan Xi. Yuan Kan saw the treasure carried by the people, and quickly stopped, but the second prince Yuan Xi insisted to keep it. Liu Yi, it is at this moment. Wang Qinruo and Kou Zhun arrived and used Shangfang swords to oppose Yuan Xi. Only then did they take Liu Yi away. Yuan Xi found that something was wrong, and decided to take the advice of counsellors, and first wrote a memorandum and sent it to the city to push the sins to Yuan Kan.

Su Yijian checked Huazhou City, who knew that the epidemic situation had spread. When the crowd was watching, Su Yijian actually saw Liu E upstairs…

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