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Mouse 마우스 Episode 6 Recap

Before the police arrived, Wu Fengyi came to the church. It was pitch black. Wu Fengyi lit a candle and saw Father Gao being killed. She just wanted to go and was beaten and kicked by the murderer. Wu Fengyi wanted to call the police secretly and was killed by the murderer. Find. Thanks to the police who arrived in time, Wu Fengyi was sent to the hospital for rescue.

Gao Wuzhi looked at the tragic death of his elder brother, feeling sad and desperate for life, and Zheng Barin was also moved. The murderer also played a video of Kim Korea. He also arrested a boy whom his parents loved very much. He wanted to arouse Kim Korea’s jealousy, and he deliberately made Kim Korea hate his abandonment of his father. Kim Korea not only was not jealous, but also pity the murderer. , The murderer hated such a person most, he let the boy go, and Choi Hongzhu worried that Kim Korea would be more wicked.

Gao Wuzhi couldn’t afford to be sick because of his sadness, so Cui Hongzhu came to see him. Subsequently, Gao Wuzhi held a funeral for his brother, and then shut himself at home. After Cheng Yaohan tried his best to rescue Wu Fengyi, Wu Fengyi finally turned to peace. Wu Fengyi felt that he was familiar, Zheng Barin came to visit Wu Fengyi, Cheng Yaohan hurried out.

Officer Jiang came to the hospital to find Wu Fengyi to find out about the situation. He only remembered that the murderer was very powerful and did not attack the left-handed Zheng Barin. Cheng Zhien came to the hospital to find Cheng Yaohan. He deliberately avoided seeing him. Cheng Zhien saw Wu Fengyi who was injured from the door, and she cried and ran away. Wu Fengyi suddenly remembered that the murderer’s arm had been scratched. He hurried to report to Officer Jiang.

He saw Cheng Zhien squatting on the ground crying from a distance. He hurried to comfort him. Cheng Zhien was worried that she would be discovered, so she ran with her face covered. After leaving, Cheng Yaohan could see clearly upstairs.

Gu Dongjiu suspected that they were being monitored, otherwise the murderer would not know about the fake video. Zheng Barin and Gu Dongjiu went back to check and found that the mixed vegetables in the refrigerator had been blown out. They thought Gao Wuzhi had eaten it. Gao Wuzhi lay in bed every day, and the ground was full of wine bottles. Sung Yoo Han hid aside to see clearly, and then the murderer issued an ultimatum. If Go Wuzhi could not catch him within three days, he would publicly kill Kim Korea.

Seeing that the time was about to come, Gao Wuzhi got up to eat with a strong spirit, as if seeing his brother watching him eating, Gao Wuzhi was so sad that he couldn’t make a sound of tears, and then he hurried back to the police station and took a pistol and left. Gao Wuzhi’s assistant came to Chengyaohan’s house to look for Jin Juncheng, falsely claiming to be his friend, Cheng Yaohan did not know his whereabouts.

Gao Wuzhi turned out all the information and evidence of the seven cases and checked them one by one. He finally found out that his grandma had visited a black agency before she was born. He hurried over to check with the proprietress and found out that her grandma had gone to Chengyaohan’s house to do cleaning. Coming to Cheng Yao’s Han’s house, Cheng Zhien tried his best to conceal his panic and admitted that Grandma Wu had come to do cleaning. Gao Wuzhi felt that she was very familiar. Cheng Zhien tried to hide it. Gao Wuzhi suddenly saw Cheng Zhien’s SMS notification to transfer money to him. Only then did she recognize her as Han Xujun’s wife. Since her parents were killed, Cheng Zhien has transferred him the treatment fee every month.

Police officer Shen went to Jin Juncheng’s house to investigate carefully and found that he was killed during the show. Gao Wuzhi rushed to hear the news and determined that the murderer was Cheng Yaohan. Zheng Barin and Cui Hongzhu went to the prison to check the visit records and found that when Luo Zhiguo was injured, Cheng Yaohan came to the prison doctor. At the same time, Gao Wuzhi came to Cheng Yaohan’s house and quickly found the secret room in the basement. Before he went down to investigate, Cheng Yaohan suddenly went home. Gao Wuzhi had to hide in the storage cabinet in the garage, Cheng Yaohan. No abnormalities were found.

Gao Wuzhi found a pair of bloody shoes in the storage cabinet. He asked his assistant to conduct a test. Gao Wuzhi waited for his arrest warrant downstairs. When Han Xujun saw the news in the newspaper, he was so angry that he fainted on the spot, and the prison doctor rescued him. Cui Hongzhu learned that Cheng Yaohan had been to the prison. She came directly to Cheng Yaohan’s house and searched carefully. She found the monitoring equipment and a bloody band-aid.

She hurriedly took home for the test. Cheng Yaohan rushed over and she couldn’t help but hurry. Hug Cheng Yaohan, Gao Wuzhi saw this scene outside, he was shocked, did not expect Cui Hongzhu to know the identity of Cheng Yaohan, and they are very close.

Cheng Yaohan promised to explain all this to Cui Hongzhu tomorrow and brought Cui Hongzhu a glass of juice. Cui Hongzhu suddenly received a call from Gao Wuzhi. Gao Wuzhi lied that the search warrant had been obtained. Cui Hongzhu left without saying anything. Cheng Yaohan immediately Packed my things and went out with a large suitcase.

Police officer Shen quickly sent a test report. The blood on Cheng Yaohan’s shoes was not Daniel’s or the other victim’s. Gao Wuzhi’s search warrant was rejected. Gao Wuzhi did not dare to act rashly, worrying that Cheng Yaohan would kill. Kim Korea. Gao Wuzhi sent someone to deliberately drove against Cheng Yaohan and asked the traffic police to check the big suitcase. Gao Wuzhi pulled out his hand to grab the battle and was ready to kill Cheng Yaohan at any time. Unexpectedly, there were clothes in the box, and the traffic police again. The trunk was searched, but nothing was found. Gao Wuzhi asked his assistant to drive to follow Cheng Yaohan.

Gao Wuzhi drove back to Cheng Yaohan’s house, opened the secret room in the basement, and found no one. Cheng Yaohan drove to a waste station in the suburbs and successfully got rid of the tracking. The time agreed by the murderer was approaching. Gao Wuzhi hurriedly returned to the police station and forced Cui Hongzhu to confess his relationship with Cheng Yaohan. Gao Wuzhi saw his brother’s internal organs being dug out and stuffed with a lot of stones. Gao Wuzhi was furious. Liver and intestines are broken.

Cheng Yaohan burned all the clothes and the genetic test report he brought out. He went home to show off to Cheng Zhien, indicating that her son was the murderer of the serial murder, Cheng Zhien was already shocked with fright. After investigation by the technical department of the police, it was found that the blood on Cheng Yaohan’s shoes belonged to those killed at sea, and the blood on the band-aids belonged to Wu Fengyi’s grandmother. Cui Hongzhu learned the news and found out that he was pregnant with Cheng Yaohan’s child. She didn’t know what to do for a while.

Wu Fengyi fell at home. Thanks to Zheng Barin, even though he came to take her home, Zheng Barin went to feed the little bird. Suddenly, he received a news that Cheng Yao Han’s family had found grandma’s blood. He stayed overnight. When I came to Chengyao Han’s house for investigation, I found that there was a storage room in the secret room in the basement, and all the victims’ information and photos were posted on the wall. Wu Fengyi waited for a long time and did not see Zheng Barin coming back. She suddenly saw Cheng Yaohan showing up and hurriedly called Zheng Barin, but Zheng Barin couldn’t get through, so Wu Fengyi called Gao Wuzhi for help.

Wu Fengyi was scared to hide. Even if Zheng Barin came to send Wu Fengyi away, Zheng Barin and Cheng Yaohan looked at each other. Gao Wuzhi arrived in a hurry and saw Wu Fengyi at the intersection. Wu Fengyi took him to Zheng Barin’s house. From a distance, he saw Cheng Yaohan raising his axe to smash Zheng Barin. Gao Wuzhi shot Zheng Barin. Zheng Barin was smashed into serious injuries. After the medical staff tried their best to rescue him, he finally woke up. He was very impatient when he saw the little bird calling in the cage and choked to death on the spot and threw it out the window.

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