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Mom’s Waiting For You 妈妈在等你 Episode 19 Recap

Zhou Qing suddenly fainted at work. After Huzi sent him to the hospital, he realized that coronary heart disease had caused myocardial infarction. After the carnation news, he rushed to the hospital to visit, but Zhou Qing’s attitude was extremely cold. Originally, Dianthus had been persuaded by Zhao Yingtong and planned to take the initiative to reconcile with Zhou Qing, but saw that Zhou Qing ignored him and felt a little sad. Liu Pansong hoped that Dianthus would understand Zhou Qing and let her stay for one night first.

It was the first time that Dianthus came to the house that Zhou Qing had set up in the Provincial Military Region, and looked at the surrounding furnishings, dreaming about the scene of the family moving in. He was happy and happy, and even began to reflect on himself.

At the same time, Liu Pansong accompanied Zhou Qing in the hospital and learned that Dianthus had an affair with Kong Linggao. Zhou Qing didn’t consider his wife’s personality at all. Instead, he blindly fell into speculation. He said that he would give the rest of the day to the party, so he first took care of his body and fully cooperated with Liu Pansong’s treatment.

In the days that followed, Zhou Qing was busy working all night, and Liu Pansong came to deliver medicine as usual, only to see him lying on a chair asleep. Because he usually suppressed too much things that he didn’t dare to say, Liu Pansong confided in his inner thoughts, claiming that he had fantasized about having a life partner. It was not until he met Zhou Qing that he realized that he was a good match, but Zhou Qing had a wife and children.

Because of this confession, Zhou Qing heard everything, so he decided to marry Liu Pansong. The two took photos at a very fast speed and invited the old chief to have a wedding wine at home. At the time, Deputy Commander Qi had been expecting Zhou Qing to reunite with Dianthus, but he did not expect Zhou Qing to marry another person.

In order to maintain his good image, Zhou Qing said on the spot that Dianthus had an “affair”. Deputy Commander Qi believed that it was true and was even more annoyed. Zhou Xiaoxiao and Zhou Xiaoan were taken to their father’s house by Huzi. They felt something was wrong as soon as they entered the door. There were red happy characters around them. Only Zhou Qing and Liu Pansong were in the room.

Knowing that his father was about to get married, Zhou Xiaoxiao looked at the wedding photos of Zhou Qing and Liu Pansong hanging next to him. She was so angry that he overturned the table and angrily accused Zhou Qing of marrying his concubine as soon as he was rehabilitated, vying to be Chen Shimei. Even though Zhou Xiaoan was more rational and mature, he still couldn’t calm down when he encountered this situation, and could only question his father with anger.

Instead of thinking that she was bothered, Zhou Qing splashed dirty water on Dianthus, accusing her of finding support and having an affair with Kong Linggao. After the brothers left, Liu Pansong put on a magnanimous appearance and lobbied Zhou Qing and Dianthus to inform them. However, Zhou Qing was stubborn and refused to agree, and even said that she didn’t want to make Dianthus ugly, so she was able to live with Kong Linggao.

Shi Zhu and Zhao Yingtong celebrated Kong Linggao’s birthday, prepared a new suit for him, and prepared many meals to celebrate. Just as a few people were having a happy atmosphere, Zhou Xiaoxiao unexpectedly ran up angrily, claiming that Zhou Qing had married Liu Pansong. When Dianthus learned of this, he was shocked and fainted.

Long before the Zhou Xiaoan brothers came back, Zhang Lanfen woke up with Dianthus to prevent Zhou Qing from being hooked away by the fox spirits. At that time, Dianthus was still full of confidence to pack tickets, but now it really slaps itself. Zhou Xiaoliu heard that his father was married to Liu Pansong and even misunderstood Shizhu and Master Kong, so he immediately took Jiang He to the provincial capital by car.

After Dianthus woke up, she sat alone under the tree in the yard. She was sad that Zhou Qing was acting as Chen Shimei, and she would wrong herself in turn. In this way, it was a night. When Zhao Yingtong got up in the morning, he saw the carnation still silent under the tree.

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