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Mom’s Waiting For You 妈妈在等你 Episode 18 Recap

Although Zhao Yingtong has already expressed his attitude, Zhang Lanfen still wants to marry her. Dianthus is not easy to intervene, so she tactfully refuses, and frankly admits that Zhao Yingtong has no plans to remarry at present. When Zhou Xiaofeng heard the conversation between the two of them next to him, he felt more at ease with Zhao Yingtong, especially thinking that he was leaving tomorrow, so he mustered up the courage to confess to Zhao Yingtong, but she was ruthlessly rejected, saying that she only had Zhou Xiaoyang in her heart, and couldn’t let it go anymore. other people.

Dianthus helped Zhou Xiaofeng pack his luggage. He accidentally saw Zhao Yingtong’s picture in his wallet. Thinking of his son’s recent abnormality, he suddenly realized that he was a little at a loss. When Shizhu personally sent Zhou Xiaofeng onto the train, he immediately came to Zhou Xiaoyang’s tomb and couldn’t help but confide in his eldest son, hoping that Zhou Xiaoyang and Lin Yueru could drag a dream so that she would know what to do so that they would not hurt the two children.

Jiang Zhenhai was removed from the post of deputy director, and soon received a new letter of appointment, and was completely downgraded to a police station near the machine repair shop as deputy director. Now Jiang Zhenhai has not officially taken office. He sighed and sighed at home every day. Jiang Lingdie couldn’t see his father like this and wanted to ask his eldest brother and sister-in-law for help.

Zhou Xiaoxiao readily agreed, so he took Jiang He to the provincial capital to burn his head first, and went to find Zhou Qing with a brand-new look, but was stopped at the gate of the military area until Zhou Qing personally came to pick him up. Just as the father and daughter were recounting the old days at the dinner table, Liu Pansong came to Zhou Qing’s residence to deliver antihypertensive drugs. The conversation revealed his extraordinary identities and concerns. Zhou Xiaoliu noticed the difference and reminded his father to pay attention to the issue of men and women.

Because Kong Linggao was released after serving his sentence and was accused of possession of guns, he could not find a job anywhere. He finally found a tiring job that some people were unwilling to do. However, due to his resume, he was stupefied by the other party. Quit directly. Dianthus prepares food at home and informs Zhao Yingtong to call Kong Linggao. In order to prevent Kong Linggao from finding a reason for not coming, Zhao Yingtong took his pot away.

Due to the recent robbery gangs in Heshan County, even the Zhou family almost suffered. Kong Linggao was worried about safety, so he stayed with Shizhu and Zhao Yingtong and agreed to stay at home for the time being. However, it didn’t take long for the robbery gang to be arrested. Kong Linggao was worried that outsiders were talking gossip, so he decided to pack his baggage and leave without saying goodbye.

At the same time, Zhou Qing couldn’t hold back her daughter’s frustrations, and simply went to Heshan County to greet the leaders to avoid Jiang Zhenhai’s dismissal and prevent him from having emotions at home every day. After finishing the work, Zhou Qing personally went home on Zhou Xiaoliu’s suggestion. It turned out that Dianthus was dragging Kong Linggao’s burden to prevent him from leaving. In order to prevent Kong Linggao from scrutinizing Zhou Qing’s ideas, Zhou Qing claimed that Zhou Qing was not qualified for more. Nosy, after all, Zhou Qing was not there when the whole family encountered difficulties, only Kong Linggao came forward to help.

Because of these remarks, Zhou Qing had a misunderstanding and gave Dianthus an ultimatum. Unless he agreed to move to the provincial capital and remarry, he would break up completely. Dianthus found that Zhou Qing had never forgotten herself, so she angered and said cruel words, but her anger came to Zhou Qing’s heart, so she went to Kong Linggao.

Zhou Qing thanked Kong Linggao for taking care of Dianthus and family members for herself, but she was in disguise. Kong Linggao didn’t think much about it, thinking that he wanted to entrust his family affairs to himself, so he repeatedly promised to take the time to help take care of him, but Zhou Qing believed that he had an affair with Dianthus.

When Zhou Xiaofeng was in the police academy, he kept writing to Zhao Yingtong, expressing his love for her straightforwardly. Dianthus wanted to explain Zhang Lanfen’s affairs to Zhao Yingtong. He happened to see the envelope on the table and Zhao Yingtong took the letter immediately, falsely claiming that Zhou Xiaofeng was only thinking about Yaoyao and did not mention anything else, lest Dianthus might misunderstand him.

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