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Mom’s Waiting For You 妈妈在等你 Episode 17 Recap

After this exam, Zhou Xiaoxiao began to doubt herself, thinking that she could not be admitted to the provincial university, so she went to break up with Jiang Lingdie. In the end, without saying a few words, Jiang Lingdie took the initiative to kiss Zhou Xiaoxiao and promised again and again that he was the only one in his heart in this life and would never like others.

As soon as this remark came out, Zhou Xiaoxiao’s heart finally fell. It was supposed to be waiting for the results of the college entrance examination, but because of the previous quarrel, Shizhu severely taught the three brothers, and then criticized Zhou Xiaoxiao who wanted to cheat, and Zhou Xiaofeng who had complicated minds. As the results of the college entrance examination were announced, all three children of Zhou’s family were admitted to the university as they wished. Dianthus was so happy that he immediately called Zhou Qing to inform.

Kong Linggao performed well during his imprisonment, so he was released early, but he did not notify anyone, but moved to a remote old house alone. Shi Zhu and Zhou Xiaofeng were planning to visit the prison, but they didn’t expect to rush for nothing. Even if they asked Zhang Lanfen to inquire about the situation, there was still no result. This made them very worried about Kong Linggao, after all, he was unaccompanied.

While Dianthus was preparing to host a banquet, Jiang Lingdie cried and ran to Zhou Xiaoxiao, admitting that he had not been admitted to university, and asked to break up. Now that the two people have exchanged positions, Zhou Xiaoxiao is like Jiang Lingdie at the time, still vowing not to marry, patiently persuading her to retake the exam for a year, and then the two will meet in the provincial city. Seeing Zhou Xiaoxiao’s sincerity, Jiang Lingdie was moved a little. When the two embraced each other, she suddenly found Kong Linggao fishing by the river.

At the thank-you banquet, Dianthus counted the people’s care for the Zhou family. Jiang Zhenhai felt a little guilty, but Dianthus didn’t take it to heart. Instead, he was willing to marry him and accept Jiang He’s son-in-law. Zhou Xiaoxiao yanked on his back, stunned that he carried Kong Linggao on his back. Dianthus asked Zhou Xiaofeng to kowtow to Kong Linggao, but Zhou Qing happened to see this scene.

Jiang Zhen, who was above Jiu Jin, was unobstructed and immediately mentioned that Zhou Qing should take the initiative to toast and thank Kong Linggao for his care over the years. Zhou Qing misunderstood the relationship between Dianthus and Kong Linggao, especially when he heard everyone praise him, and became a little angry, and deliberately said something to make Kong Linggao difficult.

In fact, Zhou Qing was mainly afraid that Dianthus would be too close to Kong Linggao, and that Kong Linggao belonged to a labor camp, which would affect her reputation, so she repeatedly urged Dianthus to pack things up and return to the provincial capital as soon as possible. Dianthus refused to leave, firstly because of Zhao Yingtong and Yaoyao’s problems, and secondly, considering that Kong Linggao has been released from prison, she must first settle her benefactor.

Seeing that Dianthus did not listen to persuasion, Zhou Qing returned to the provincial capital angrily. Dianthus took good care of Kong Linggao, but Kong Linggao was worried that he would become a hindrance, so he avoided all sorts of things. Kong Linggao, who came to the street office, planned to find a job to make a living, but he didn’t expect the other party to refuse directly because of his identity.

Zhang Lanfen reminded Kong Linggao to keep a distance from Shizhu’s house and not to get into the gossip and let Zhou Qing be affected. Afterwards, Zhang Lanfen wanted to introduce his nephew Zhang Xueping to Zhao Yingtong, so he brought him to the door for a blind date, but before he said a few words, he saw Shizhu and Zhou Xiaofeng coming back from outside. When Zhou Xiaofeng learned of Zhang Lanfen’s intentions, he immediately rushed into the room and ran away Zhang Xueping.

Zhao Yingtong knew that Zhou Xiaofeng didn’t want to remarry, so he swore to guarantee before him, and hoped that he would not interfere anymore. Soon to report to the school, Shizhu couldn’t bear his son, so he asked his family to send Zhou Xiaoan and Zhou Xiaoxiao to the provincial capital. Zhou Xiaofeng was admitted to the police academy, so he rushed to help the family work before reporting.

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