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Mom’s Waiting For You 妈妈在等你 Episode 16 Recap

Deputy Commander Qi asked Zhou Qing to recover in the hospital before returning to the army. Shizhu found that Liu Pansong was particularly concerned about Zhou Qing, and then thought of Xiaohu’s instructions, so he privately praised Zhou Qing in front of her and declared his sovereignty. Liu Pansong looked down on this woman from the country, so she deliberately used words she didn’t understand to challenge her, and even rushed to cook for Zhou Qing.

Because Liu Pansong was too obvious, Dianthus was suffocating his anger and couldn’t help but vent to Zhou Qing, but Zhou Qing was confused and at a loss. Liu Pansong couldn’t understand the warm scene of Zhou Qing and Dianthus getting along with each other. While Dianthus went to clean the bowl, Shi Ji gave Zhou Qing a dark expression, claiming that he was looking for a good match that he had been waiting for for many years.

However, Zhou Qing only had dianthus in his heart. He never thought that Liu Pansong would suddenly confess, and what made him feel helpless was that Liu Pansong hoped that Zhou Qing would dispel the idea of ​​remarrying. Dianthus stood at the door and heard clearly. While satisfied with Zhou Qing’s determination, she was worried about Liu Pansong’s offensive, so she decided to find an opportunity to move to the provincial capital to occupy her nest.

Time is fleeting, and the college entrance examination is approaching. Dianthus first returned to Heshan to look after the children. As soon as he got home, he saw Zhou Xiaofeng packing up and preparing to go to the hospital. Seeing Yaoyao’s uncomfortable appearance, Dianthus felt very distressed, and at the same time changed her mind about entering the city, because she couldn’t worry about Zhao Yingtong’s mother and daughter at all.

Approaching the eve of the college entrance examination, Zhou Xiaoxiao and Jiang Lingdie made an appointment by the river to chat. The two agreed to go to university together and swear to the moon their love for each other. However, the next morning, Zhou Xiaofeng refused to get up and refused to take the college entrance examination until Zhao Yingtong threatened to take Yaoyao away, and finally lost his temper and asked Zhao Yingtong to promise never to remarry.

After Zhao Yingtong’s repeated assurances, the three brothers Zhou Xiaoan rushed to the examination room. As Zhou Xiaofeng was late, Zhao Yingtong had no other choice but to kneel down and beg for help. Seeing that Zhao Yingtong was so compelling for himself, Zhou Xiaofeng was not happy in his heart. Fortunately, the staff were kind and made an exception to let Zhou Xiaofeng enter the examination room. At the same time, Zhao Yingtong waited anxiously outside the examination room, and accidentally found a man suspected of Kong Linggao passing by, because he didn’t see his face clearly and didn’t care too much.

When Zhou Xiaoxiao encountered a difficult problem, she wanted Zhou Xiaoan to pass a cheat sheet to herself. However, Zhou Xiaoan turned a blind eye to the whole process and refused to cheat openly, so that Zhou Xiaoxiao held a grudge and went home to have a big fight with him. Zhou Xiaoan felt that he should be open-minded. Dianthus didn’t understand the situation and said something to Zhou Xiaoxiao casually. As a result, Zhou Xiaoan was angry and turned away from home.

Jiang Lingdie took the lead in taking the exam and consciously performed extraordinary, so she walked out of the exam room confidently. Zhou Xiaoxiao thought she would be admitted to university, but she failed the exam, so she was even more unhappy. At the end of the college entrance examination, Shi Zhu and Zhao Yingtong made a table of dishes to comfort the three brothers. Although Zhou Xiaofeng did a good job in the exam, he was worried that after college, no one would take care of him at home, so he was extremely depressed.

Knowing that the younger brothers had finished the college entrance examination, Zhou Xiaoliu took the fresh fish home and planned to celebrate for them. Due to Zhou Xiaoliu saying a lot of good things for Jiang He, Dianthus did not drive the couple away. The three brothers of Zhou Xiaoan were sulking. Zhou Xiaoliu took a photo of his chest and promised that all family affairs would be handled by her and Jiang He in the future. The younger brother studies hard.

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