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Mom’s Waiting For You 妈妈在等你 Episode 15 Recap

Zhang Lanfen’s husband suffered from liver and ascites and died. Dianthus had a good relationship with her, so he told the children in the family to help them out. Zhou Xiaoan was worried that Zhao Yingtong’s mother and daughter would not be able to move to the provincial capital, but Dianthus made up her mind. If the household registration problem cannot be resolved, she will continue to stay in Heshan County. Because of this, Zhao Yingtong felt that he was a drag, and felt a little uncomfortable in his heart.

Jiang Lingdie repeatedly considered Jiang Zhenhai’s words, just when she was depressed, Zhou Xiaoxiao suddenly appeared, and brought her brain-filling walnuts by the way. Knowing Jiang Lingdie’s concerns, Zhou Xiaoxiao disagreed. He said that sooner or later Jiang Lingdie had to take the provincial art school, and the two could still meet in the provincial capital.

Zhou Qing came to the provincial military area to report, and finally saw the old commander, Deputy Commander Qi, who wanted to get into work as soon as possible, but was asked by the other party to have a medical examination first. After a series of inspections, Zhou Qing and Deputy Commander Qi drank to reminisce about the old days. Although he was already in his early days, Zhao Ruhai has not heard from him so far. The truth is that he is concerned.

Thinking that Zhao Ruhai and Zhou Qing’s situation were different, Deputy Commander Qi couldn’t give a promise for a while. The next morning, Deputy Commander Qi called Zhou Qing into the office. The medical report about him was lying on the table, and everything was faulty from beginning to end. Zhou Qing had been on the battlefield and fought the enemy, but when the farm was remodeled, his health was damaged.

Therefore, Deputy Commander Qi angrily ordered Zhou Qing to go to the hospital immediately, and if he could not be cured, he would arrange for another job. Zhou Qing insisted that there was no problem, so he had to run wild with a heavy load in front of him. However, he passed out before he ran a few laps, and was sent to the hospital for treatment. Zhou Qing felt a little embarrassed, unwilling to cooperate with the doctors and nurses, and refused treatment and care.

In the end, this incident alarmed Liu Pansong, who had become the dean. She went to the ward to visit in person and tried to persuade the other party in accordance with the instructions of the military district leader. As a result, she did not expect that the patient with a stubborn personality was Zhou Qing. When the two met again, they were surprised at each other.

Liu Pansong personally prepared the meal and sent it to him, thus realizing that Zhou Qing’s wife and children did not want to live in the provincial capital. At first I thought Zhou Qing and Shi Zhu were really divorced, but when he saw his whole heart at home, Liu Pansong was a little disappointed and sad. Deputy Commander Qi arranged for Zhou Qing to be the deputy political commissar. Although Zhou Qing was reluctant, he had no choice but to accept the appointment.

After the incident, Deputy Commander Qi asked Zhou Qing to take the carnation to the provincial capital as soon as possible. As for Zhao Yingtong’s situation, the situation can be temporarily put on hold. Zhou Qing planned to settle down first, but there was no furniture to add to the house. He wanted to borrow money from Huzi, but the other party’s pockets were cleaner than his face, so he called Liu Pansong and asked her to borrow some money, promising Pay it back when you open it.

Liu Pansong promised to help Zhou Qing complete the arrangement, but he was very upset when he heard that Zhou Qing was going back to Heshan to pick up the carnations. Zhou Qing urged Dianthus to pack up and move to the provincial capital to enjoy the blessing, but Dianthus insisted on waiting for Zhao Yingtong and Yaoyao’s hukou issues to be resolved. The Zhou Xiaoan brothers were unwilling to leave, and they rushed to stay to help take care of Dianthus and Zhao Yingtong, which made Zhou Qing extremely unhappy.

On the way to the provincial capital, Zhou Qing fainted again and was directly admitted to the hospital ward. Liu Pansong found that Zhou Qing had no family to accompany him, and couldn’t help but ask about the situation. Zhou Qing complained to her about the carnation and blamed his wife for never considering the overall situation. After careful consideration, Liu Pansong took the initiative to call the street to truthfully explain Zhou Qing’s condition.

When Shizhu received the news, he immediately rushed to the Provincial Hospital to visit Zhou Qing. When he saw that he was still having a temper, the two quarreled in the ward. Liu Pansong told Dianthus to let Zhou Qing as much as possible. Huzi saw that Dianthus took good care of herself, so he reminded her to beware of Liu Pansong, because this person had ideas for Zhou Qing.

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