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Awakening Age 觉醒年代 Episode 42 Recap

Workers chanted long live the workers’ sense of identity and pride for themselves. Li Dazhao distributed the publication of “New Youth” in Changxindian, Beijing, and boarded a locomotive to give a speech on the origin of May 1st Labor Day, and American workers marched Demonstrations in exchange for the right to work eight hours a day, he loudly called for workers to unite and fight for their rights.

Li Dazhao, who returned to Peking University, saw a serious-looking Hu Shi waiting for him with “New Youth” at the door of the office. Hu Shi almost angrily rebuked him and Chen Duxiu for making such an academic research-oriented magazine “New Youth”. He decided to write a letter to Chen Duxiu that he could not just let them ruin “New Youth”. Looking at Hu Shi who left angrily, Li Dazhao understood that they were no longer the same.

Mao Zedong came to Shanghai to meet Chen Duxiu. The two chatted with Old Master Kong over peanuts. Chen Duxiu agreed that Mao Zedong was a rare sensible person. Mao Zedong’s campaign of exorcism has been victorious, but the road to Hunan’s autonomy is still a long way to go. Chen Duxiu is well aware of the shortcomings of the military supervising system, and talking to them about human rights is to seek skin from tigers.

The essence of national salvation is to immediately arouse people’s action, and the core of this essence is to take the road of Marxism-Leninism. Chen Duxiu gave the translated version of the “Communist Manifesto” to Mao Zedong, and hoped that he could become a staunch member of the Communist Party just like himself.

Weijingsky stayed in China for more than a month, and his intention was to establish the Communist Party in China. At the Marxism Research Conference in Shanghai, Chen Duxiu organized a meeting for the students to discuss the situation of Weijingski’s visit to China. The students expressed their opinions. Some thought that what China needs most now is to develop industry, and some thought that the establishment of the Chinese party is an urgent matter. Chen Duxiu listened to the children’s speech and thought silently.

Zhang Shizhao raised 20,000 silver dollars for Mao Zedong’s Hunan Self-Government Movement. Mao Zedong said happily that they would pay back when the revolution was successful. He understood that the realization of the socialist revolution in China would be difficult, but he would do his best, even if there are difficulties and dangers. Resolutely proceed.

Zhao Shiyan, Bai Lan and others are about to go to France to study. Before leaving, Chen Duxiu asked Zhao Shiyan to hand over the Marxistism books and materials to Yannian Qiaonian. If the two of them couldn’t believe Marxism-Leninism, he would not be reconciled to his death. Chen Duxiu wrote to Li Dazhao that the party building work is actively preparing. He plans to set up a party building group in August and distribute the party constitution and guidelines drafted to everyone for reading. At the same time, he solicits the name of the party from Li Dazhao. Li Dazhao wrote back firmly, the Communist Party of China.

Chen Duxiu took Mao Zedong to talk. Mao Zedong tried a one-month work-study activity. Although the experiment failed, Mao Zedong decided to conduct independent research, strengthened his belief and dedicated his life to communism. Chen Duxiu told him that the name of the party is the Communist Party of China, and what they have to do is Prometheus of China. Mao Zedong seconded that he should do everything to crush the old forces like a co-worker.

Many years later, Mao Zedong recalled Chen Duxiu’s statement of his position that left a deep impression on him. He also said that at that time a large number of people who were awakened by the “New Youth” and the May Fourth Movement joined the Communist Party. It is said that the joint efforts of Chen Duxiu and those like him led to the establishment of the party.

Li Dazhao ordered Zhou Enlai to let him speak. Zhou Enlai stood up and talked eloquently. They should shout out to the people to speak out for the hardworking people. The labor movement has been launched, and various excellent organizations do need to unite, but each organization must first express its doctrines and propositions. It is time for their organizations to raise their banners.

At the meeting of the party organization in Shanghai, Chen Duxiu read out the party’s provisional program, which stated three principles of the Communist Party: one is to confiscate all capital and abolish personal oppression, the other is to lead the working class to gain power, and the third is to eliminate all classes. The crowd applauded and elected Chen Duxiu as secretary of the Executive Bureau of the Communist Party of China.

Since then, the Chinese working class has had its own vanguard. In August 1920, the first early organization of the Communist Party of China was established in Shanghai. Chen Duxiu and other five people raised their right hands to take an oath and became the first members of the Communist Party of China. Li Dazhao established the Beijing Group of the Communist Party of China. Under his leadership, Zhang Shenfu and Zhang Guotao took the oath to formally become members of the Communist Party of China.

In November 1920, the Hunan Autonomous Movement led by Mao Zedong failed. He went to Pingxiang, Jiangxi to investigate the living conditions and political demands of the bottom of the society, especially Anyuan coal miners. The facts and lessons made him completely free from the last trace of social reform. Illusion, unhesitatingly embarked on the road of radical transformation of society, and became a staunch Marxist.

Mao Zedong, who returned to Hunan, felt that the people were in dire straits and the disasters were so severe that they could hardly survive. He sympathizes with the miserable experience of the miners. The people in the countryside sell their children and sell their land for a living. He already understands that this country is already rotten, and there is only one way out to save China, and that is revolution. Since then, the Changsha Group of the Communist Party of China was secretly established, and Mao Zedong led the crowd to raise their fists to take an oath, and softly shouted long live the Communist Party of China.

Zhou Enlai handed in his notes on studying Marxism in Paris, France. He combined his knowledge of China with what he had seen and heard in Europe. He has firmly believed that Marxism is the way to save the country and actively applied to join the Communist Party of China. He also led Zhao Shiyan to lobby Yannian Qiao Nian according to the situation. Chen Duxiu’s letter agreed to set up the Chinese Communist Party Travel Team, Zhou Enlai, Zhao Shiyan and others clenched their fists and said long live the Chinese Communist Party in the school dormitory.

“New Youth” added two research columns on Marxism and Russia, and colleagues in the editorial department organized the New Youth Club on their own, and set up 94 representative agencies across the country to print and distribute newspapers and periodicals on their own. The camp of the New Culture Movement is undergoing fission, and there is a great analysis of whether China should follow the socialist road or the capitalist road, and whether it is social reform or social reform. Li Dazhao urged everyone that the Communists must clearly express their position. “New Youth” is their front position.

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