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Awakening Age 觉醒年代 Episode 40 Recap

Facing Wu Bingxiang’s uncomfortable posture, Chen Duxiu just smiled and responded. There was a police officer at home yesterday. Today, Wu Bingxiang came again, and Junman knew that something must have happened. Chen Duxiu didn’t open his luggage, and walked to Hu Shi’s house after changing his clothes. The military and police went back and forth on the street. Chen Duxiu cautiously came to Hu Shi’s house. He asked Hu Shi’s wife to call Gao Yihan, Li Dazhao and others next door, and ask everyone to help him analyze whether he wants to leave Beijing.

At present, a surveillance post has been set up at the door of Chen Duxiu’s house, but what if he leaves “New Youth”. Chen Duxiu’s public propaganda of Marxism and class struggle in the Wuhan newspaper has attracted the attention of the government, and Hu Shi is very condemned for his excessive behavior. But this is the end of the matter, and it is useless to say more.

Chen Duxiu wanted to accept the offer to organize Southwest University, and the southern class environment was good, labor and businessmen had awakened, he wanted to go back to Shanghai, and also wanted to take “New Youth” to Shanghai, Lu Xun agreed to let Chen Duxiu take “New Youth” Because only Chen Duxiu can represent “New Youth”, Chen Duxiu is determined to return to Shanghai again.

Zhang Fengzai sent someone to Chen Duxiu’s home again, but Chen Duxiu claimed to have a drink with a friend, which made Wu Bingxiang very uneasy. However, Chen Duxiu is about to be hired as the organizer of Southwest University, and they should not be too aggressive. Wu Bingxiang plans to invite Chen Duxiu to the police station tomorrow to ask him to write down a letter of guarantee, and detain him if he does not agree. Jun Man ran to Hu Shi’s house and told Chen Duxiu to go out to shelter from the limelight. Hu Shi asked him to stay in his home overnight, but he was also one of Chen Duxiu’s guarantors, and the police would definitely find him. Li Dazhao asked Chen Duxiu to go with him, leaving Tianjin for Shanghai tomorrow.

Qian Xuantong wanted to have another glass of Huadiao wine with Chen Duxiu, but it was too late. Hu Shi brought out the Huadiao wine from his home, and everyone drank the cold wine to see Chen Duxiu off. In this case, they didn’t know when they would meet again. Junman was packing his luggage at home. Zhang Fengzai brought the police into the house and asked about Chen Duxiu’s traces. He even sent someone directly into the house to search for it.

But the search was unsuccessful and he brought Junman’s packed suitcases back to the house. When arriving at Chen Duxiu, he must go to the Supervision Office. Zhang Fengzai came back to report that Wu Bingxiang and Chen Duxiu were not at home, but they believed that it was impossible for Chen Duxiu to leave in such a snowy day and must be hiding in someone’s home. Wu Bingxiang took out his post to call Hu Shi and ask him for someone.

Snow flew up in the sky, and Li Dazhao and Chen Duxiu rushed to Shanghai in a carriage like this. After the two discussed their plans on the carriage, Li Dazhao wanted to continue to study Marxism and bring the working class together.

They should be the leading class of the revolutionary forces. Chen Duxiu reminded him to think clearly about their true purpose and what is their ambition behind these methods. China used to be the country that created the most brilliant civilization in the world, but China has declined rapidly since the Opium War. Li Dazhao mentioned that as one of the few cultural people, it is the mission given to them by history to evoke the sleeping lion in China. He proposed China now needs organizations to guide them, and they should put party building on the agenda.

Chen Duxiu and Li Dazhao got out of the car and repaired on the way. They looked at the poor people who were sleeping and sleeping on the opposite side, and looked at the people who had died from injuries and illnesses, and they were speechless.

At present, even the wealthy places in the south are in turmoil, bandits are rampant, and the people are displaced and become refugees. They can only get together and chat with each other for comfort, and they have lived in such a poor life for many, many years, and they have even become accustomed to it. , Resigned. Chen Duxiu watched this scene of the human tragedy and cried. Li Dazhao also gritted his teeth and couldn’t bear tears.

Chen Duxiu had learned from his painful experience. He decided to establish a proletarian political party that would allow the Chinese people to live a good life. Human dignity, human happiness. Chen Duxiu and Li Dazhao fists and swears to these poor compatriots. In February 1920, the two made an agreement on the road to prepare party organizations in Beijing and Shanghai respectively. It is known in history that Nan Chen Bei Li met to establish the party.

Hu Shi’s question to Wu Bingxiang only said that Chen Duxiu had left Beijing but he did not know how he left. He also gave the letter written by Chen Duxiu to Wu Bingxiang. Chen Duxiu’s excuse that the southern government hired him to organize the Southwest University, so that Wu Bingxiang and Hu Shi and other guarantors cleared the relationship, Wu Bingxiang sighed and stopped pursuing them.

Mao Zedong came to Peking University again to meet Li Dazhao. Li Dazhao happily embraced him and asked about the student movement in Hunan.

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