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Awakening Age 觉醒年代 Episode 39 Recap

Chen Duxiu said that when the incident happened suddenly, he had to think again. Cai Yuanpei invited Chen Duxiu to hope that Chen Duxiu could stay at Peking University with peace of mind and deepen the influence of the New Culture Movement. Hu Shi also felt that there were too many radicals in the south, and Chen Duxiu would definitely go to extremes again when he went there, and could no longer rest assured of learning.

Chen Duxiu said that the country is already like this, and he can no longer tolerate his studies. He has decided to leave Peking University, but as to whether he wants to go to the south, he has to think again. However, there are many factions within the Beiyang government that are unable to manage the country. The southern government is more dynamic, and Sun Yat-sen has renamed the leading party to the Chinese Kuomintang. It is imperative to reunify China. Yannian Qiao Nian will go to France soon, and Chen Duxiu wants to go south. move.

In December 1919, Mao Zedong led a massive expulsion campaign to rebel against the warlord Zhang Jingyao. He led forty Hunan representatives to Beijing to expose Zhang Jingyao’s dominance. Deng Zhongxia came to meet with Mao Zedong. He also came to visit representatives of classmates on behalf of Li Dazhao. Mao Zedong missed his classmates in Beijing very much. Deng Zhongxia also brought the chili oil specially fried by Mrs. Li Dazhao, which made Mao Zedong very grateful.

Now the Beiyang government is changing the prime minister like a reckless lantern, and Mao Zedong can’t figure out how to do it. Deng Zhongxia reminded him that the current Prime Minister Jin Yunpeng lives in Mianhua Hutong and they can go to his house to find him. Mao Zedong led the delegation shouting in front of Jin Yunpeng’s door that Zhang Du will not be removed. Hunan has no hope. He took out the petition but refused to be accepted by the adjutant. The secretary to the prime minister walked down the steps and took the petition in person. Mao Zedong pained Chen Zhang Jingyao’s six counts and demanded that Zhang Jingyao be expelled from Hunan immediately.

Master Liu asked Yannian to discuss his ideal plan with him. Yannian did not want to be an official of the government, nor did he hope that the people would suffer any more suffering. He hoped that the country would no longer be controlled by foreign countries, and he hoped to form a mutual help and love. Big family, and he is ready to sacrifice for this, so he is not ready to fall in love and get married.

Yannian knew that Master Liu was looking for himself for Liu Mei, but in this disaster-stricken country, it is impossible to achieve a balance between the family and the country. His father Chen Duxiu is a typical example. He can only sacrifice himself without hesitation. Master Liu understood Yannian’s decision. He could no longer agree to Liu Mei’s follow them to study in France, because what his daughter needs is not work-study but a good study in a prestigious school. Yannian understood Master Liu’s decision, but still wiped the tears from his eyes with his hands.

Yannian and Liu Mei met in the woods of the park, watching the newlyweds happily taking their wedding photos. Liu Mei knew that she could no longer accompany Yannian to study in France. She knew she could not fly out, but she hoped Yannian If she can go to France to realize her ideal, she can’t send each other off, so she has to say goodbye to Yannian.

Yannian looked at Liu Mei who was leaving, tears could not stop, he said sorry to Liu Mei’s back. Chen Duxiu came to send Yannian and Qiao Nian to study in France. He took out his fried pumpkin seeds and gave them to his sons, and helped them put their luggage on the car. Looking at his father’s old back, Yannian and Qiao Nian were reluctant to hug him. The father, Chen Duxiu also turned around and hugged his son, and they paid too much for the ideal of saving the country and the people.

In 1927, Chen Yannian, who had joined the Communist Party, was arrested in Shanghai. He would rather die than kneel. He was hacked to death by the Kuomintang reactionaries at the age of 29. In 1928, Chen Qiaonian, a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, was killed by the Kuomintang in Longhua, Shanghai at the age of 26. They finally fulfilled their promises and gave their all for the vision of saving the country and the people.

Chen Duxiu came to the old house of Bai Wenwei, the Xiangwan Comrades Association in the French Concession in Shanghai. The years are still astounding. He is grateful to Zhang Shizhao for his rescue when he was in prison. Zhang Shizhao told him that he would be his free lawyer for life. Chen Duxiu smiled to himself.

Maybe you have to go in and out of the “research room” many times. Zhang Shizhao knew that he now has a clear Marxist tendency, and his name has gained a lot of fame in the southern academic circles. Chen Jiongmin of the southern government hoped that Chen Duxiu could contribute to the establishment of Southwest University. Chen Duxiu ran over by stealth, and Zhang Shizhao naturally understood his thoughts.

In front of Chen Duxiu’s home in Beijing, Zhang Fengzai often brought the police to monitor and inquire, and Junman responded with courtesy and courtesy, so that they could not find any flaws. Chen Duxiu gave a speech on social transformation in the Wuhan auditorium. He pointed out that one must break the class system, the second must break the inheritance system, and the third must break the inheritance system. He clearly stated that the private property system must be eliminated as Marx said, and the society must be destroyed.

Fundamental transformation rather than improvement, and even revolutionary methods of studying abroad when necessary. But Chen Duxiu, who was speaking, was ordered by the Wuhan authorities to not allow him to speak and to expel him from Wuhan. The principal hurried to escort Chen Duxiu away, and everyone shouted for Chen Duxiu to watch her leave.

As soon as Chen Duxiu returned to his home in Beijing, Wu Bingxiang came to visit without taking off his clothes and hats.

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