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You Are My Hero 你是我的城池营垒 Episode 24 Recap

The doctor suggested that Xing Kelei should have a craniotomy as soon as possible. Xing Kelei asked if he had any sequelae. The doctor knew about the special nature of Xing Kelei’s occupation and suggested that he first transfer to a clerical job and refrain from strenuous exercise for six months after the operation. The sequelae depend on different people. not sure. Xing Kelei came out of the hospital to call Mi Ha, but Mi Ha was busy rearranging his thesis data, and did not see Xing Kelei calling himself.

When Shao Yuhan heard that Mi Ha had lost her data, he specially found her previous research data for her, but it would be up to Mi Ha if he didn’t come. When Xing Kelei went home, he went online to see a lot of sequelae that may appear after craniotomy. He felt very uncomfortable and worried that he could no longer be a special police officer after the operation.

Xing Kelei waited at home all night, but Mi Ha did not go home, so he went to the hospital to pick Mi Ha back home, Mi Ha quickly explained that he was rushing for the paper, after the two went home, Xing Kele pretended that he had a friend who had a pituitary gland. Tumor, asked Mi Ha to have a craniotomy, Mi Ha did not doubt, so Xing Kelei asked a friend to do the operation as soon as possible.

Ruan Qingxia went to the police force and involuntarily asked Shu Wenbo to meet at 8 o’clock in the evening, saying that he had something to tell Shu Wenbo, and Shu Wenbo had to go to the appointment. Shu Wenbo also gave Ruan Qingxia a gift. It was a camera strap that matched Ruan Qingxia’s old camera. Ruan Qingxia was very happy, but Shu Wenbo said that he only regarded Ruan Qingxia as a friend. Ruan Qingxia was very disappointed after hearing what Shu Wenbo said.

While drinking the wine, Shu Wenbo grabbed Ruan Qingxia’s hand holding the wine glass with some worry, but Ruan Qingxia said that if he is a good friend, don’t hold her hand. Shu Wenbo hesitated and let go of his hand, which made Ruan Qingxia It’s more uncomfortable. Ruan Qingxia drank too much and ran to Mi Tu’s house. Mi Tu saw Ruan Qingxia so uncomfortable and very distressed.

He hurriedly welcomed Ruan Qingxia in, and Shu Wenbo was also uncomfortable. After returning to the police force, he ran on the playground in the rain. They are a little puzzled and don’t know what happened. Ruan Qingxia was still a little uncomfortable when she was sober the next morning, but she comforted herself that time can heal everything.

After Mi Hao arrived at the hospital and learned that the evaluation results came out, Yanshan was unsurprisingly selected. Mi Hao went to the office and thanked Shao Yuhan. If it weren’t for Shao Yuhan’s data, she might not be able to submit the paper before the deadline, Shao Yuhan Asked her if she had ever thought about why the data was lost, Mi Hao didn’t think too much. At this time, Xiaoxiao came and said that the nurse’s desk had Shao Yuhan’s documents. Shao Yuhan went out to get the files, and walked to the door when Xiaoxiao asked Mi Hao to ask. Regarding the data loss, Yanshan said that she saw Yanshan in Mi Ha’s position at the time.

Mi Ha went to Yanshan for questioning. Yanshan refused to admit it at first when she faced doubts, but she was out of breath and said that she was dissatisfied with Mi Ha these days, thinking that Mi Ha used Shao Yuhan to walk through the back door, and Mi Ha listened. After these unwarranted accusations, she was very disappointed with Yanshan. She once again emphasized that she did not go through the back door, and then left. Chen Tao heard the conversation between the two. Yanshan looked at Chen Tao’s eyes and didn’t know what to say. what.

After Yanshan returned to the office, Shao Yuhan also came to the door. Yanshan couldn’t lie to Shao Yuhan. She was a little broken, saying that everyone was asking her why she wanted to delete Mijia’s data, but no one thought about what they did. She said that she didn’t respond to Yanshan’s kindness to her because she knew that Yanshan had other ideas, but Mi Hao was very pure and just wanted to be a good doctor.

Up to this moment, Yanshan still doesn’t understand how to be a good doctor. She only cares about her own fame. In terms of academic talent, Yanshan is worse than Mi Ha, but she doesn’t have Mi Ha’s share to bet everything to save. The patient’s courage in crisis, this is where Yanshan has always been inferior to Mi Ha.

In order to pursue Ruan Qingxia, Lu Feng kept looking for opportunities to make chance encounters with her. Ruan Qingxia made it clear that he did not like Lu Feng, and Lu Feng would not give up. He also said that the two of them are alone, and it’s okay to hang out together as friends. Ruan Qingxia had to agree. When I went to see the movie with him, the two of them also posted to Moments. Shu Wenbo was a little sad after learning about it. He misunderstood that the two were on a date. When they went out for dinner with Li Nian and Luo Ting, they also looked pale and didn’t say a word.

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