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You Are My Hero 你是我的城池营垒 Episode 23 Recap

Shu Wenbo took the initiative to look for Ruan Qingxia. He saw Ruan Qingxia’s stomach was upset, so he cooked porridge for her and sent it to her. Ruan Qingxia was still angry, but when he saw Shu Wenbo he would still care about himself, not knowing whether Shu Wenbo liked it or not. Like yourself. Several people returned to normal work and life after taking a vacation.

Renxin Hospital is about to appraise excellence. There is gossip circulating in the hospital. Some people think that the place for appraisal will definitely be given to Yanshan, but some people think that Shao Yuhan is more optimistic about Mi Hao. He also said that they went out to play together.

It was obvious that the two of them had a better relationship. After hearing these gossips, Yanshan became a little worried, and even lost her mind during the operation. Shao Yuhan realized that Yanshan was not thinking about the operation, so she didn’t. Drive her out mercifully. After the operation, Shao Yuhan criticized Yanshan and asked her to focus on the operation, but Yanshan could only agree.

Ruan Qingxia was filming a training video in the police force. Xing Kelei personally went to shoot, but suddenly dizzy after the shooting. Team Hao saw that Xing Kelei was in a wrong state and was a little worried about him. Xing Kelei thought he was under too much pressure recently, so he didn’t care. Ruan Qingxia wanted to restrain Wenbo after the filming, and Shu Wenbo wanted to find an excuse to refuse. Suddenly, when the task came, Ruan Qingxia had to tell Shu Wenbo to pay attention to safety. There was a sudden explosion of gas in the Jinxiu community.

The police rushed to evacuate the crowd. Xing Kelei and the others rushed to the scene to understand the situation and learned that it was an emotional dispute. The hijacker was called Zhang Dayong and he wanted to ignite. The gas tank and the girlfriend died together. Xing Kelei quickly arranged the task and asked the team members not to use guns in this operation.

The situation was very critical. Xing Kelei called firefighters. Shu Wenbo unlocked the lock, the special policeman on the other side broke the window to attract Zhang Dayong’s attention, and the firefighter opened the high-pressure water gun to make Zhang Dayong lose his ability to move. The operation was a complete success, Zhang Dayong was controlled by the police and the gas tank did not explode, but Xing Kelei was accidentally injured.

Yanshan went back to the office sullenly. Seeing that her face was not good, Mi Hao comforted her a few words, but Yanshan didn’t appreciate her. She also said that Shao Yuhan liked Mi Ha more and said that Shao Yuhan had ideas for Mi Ha , I couldn’t please Shao Yuhan’s heart, Mi Yan was a little speechless. Xing Kelei sewed seven stitches in the hospital, and Mi Yan happened to see it after get off work. He was very worried about Xing Kelei, so Xing Kelei quickly said that he was okay. Mi Ha dragged Xing Kelei to eat. Mi Hao talked about his headache. Xing Kelei encouraged a few words. After Xing Kelei returned to the team, he suddenly had a headache.

Ruan Qingxia thought it was Shu Wenbo who was injured. He sneaked out to see Shu Wenbo in the middle of the meeting, but Shu Wenbo didn’t appreciate him. He told Ruan Qingxia to go back quickly and refused to drive Ruan Qingxia. Ruan Qingxia was a little uncomfortable and decided to find someone. Chance and Shu Wenbo made it clear that he was serious about liking him. After listening to Ruan Qingxia’s words, Mi Yan remembered what Yanshan said to her today, and wondered if he should also make it clear to Shao Yuhan.

At noon the next day, Mi Yan found an opportunity to speak. Shao Yuhan guessed what she wanted to say, and said that she knew that there would be some people who could not understand Mi Yan’s achievements because of her own efforts, and even imagine that Mi Yan was not good. To balance my heart, as for the matter between him and Xing Kayao, there will be their own solutions, so Mi Ha will not bother, and he also told Mi Ha to focus on the thesis. This day Yanshan will please Shao Yuhanshi. Shao Yuhan also clicked on her to tell her not to influence herself and the people around her because of unnecessary things.

Xing Kelei had tinnitus and dizziness again during police training, and he also had a narrowing of his field of vision. He went to the hospital for an examination. After a brief examination, the doctor suspected that it was related to the brain nerves. He suggested that he go to the neurology department for a head CT. Xing Kelei has some Worried, in order to prevent Mi Yan from thinking too much, he didn’t tell Mi Yan about it. Xing Kelei went for a checkup. After reading the checkup report, the doctor diagnosed that Xing Kelei had a pituitary adenoma.

When Shao Yuhan was in the operation, she specifically asked Yanshan and Zhang Yang to switch positions to watch her operation. Yanshan wanted to see more clearly, and she subconsciously moved the microscope. This affected Shao Yuhan’s operation. Shao Yuhan was a little dissatisfied and changed. When Mi Ha saw it, she also specifically told Mi Ha not to use the microscope. After the operation, Yanshan was very uncomfortable. Seeing Zhang Yang praised Mi Ha’s thesis again, she was very unconvinced and went out for a walk depressed, waiting for her return.

At that time, Mi Ha and Zhang Yang went out, Yanshan became ill-hearted, sat in Mi Ha’s position, and deleted the experimental data of Mi Ha’s paper. During the period, Xiaoxiao came in to look for Mi Ha, and saw that only Yanshan was there. So Yanshan asked Mi Yan to go to Shao Yuhan’s office. After Mi Jia came back, he found that his data had been lost, and he was very broken.

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