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You Are My Hero 你是我的城池营垒 Episode 22 Recap

When Shao Yuhan and Xing Keyao saw that everyone was out, they prepared the ingredients for the evening barbecue together. They were talking while preparing. Xing Keyao said that after breaking up with Shao Yuhan, they also learned how to cook, so they volunteered to cook. Noodles and eating noodles, the two recalled the past, and both felt a little emotional. Xing Kayao also asked Shao Yuhan if he had been in a relationship in recent years. Shao Yuhan denied it. Xing Kayao asked Shao Yuhan how he felt about Mi Yan. Shao Yuhan praised Mi Ha, saying that Mi Ha belongs to a person with a congenital doctor’s constitution, and said Mi Ha is very similar to the former Xing Keyao.

Ruan Qingxia and Shu Wenbo were about to go back after climbing the mountain. Ruan Qingxia accidentally twisted her foot on the way back. She wanted to pretend to be unable to walk and let Shu Wenbo hug herself back, but Shu Wenbo checked Ruan Qingxia’s feet and said she Nothing serious, this made Ruan Qingxia’s expectations come to nothing. Ruan Qingxia quickly said that he could not walk, but Shu Wenbo failed to understand what Ruan Qingxia meant, leaving Ruan Qingxia in place, saying that he would go back to drive and pick Ruan Qingxia. After Shu Wenbo brought Ruan Qingxia back, he anxiously took ice cubes and applied it to Ruan Qingxia.

After a few people finished their dinner in the evening, Mi Yan suggested that everyone should play Truth or Dare. He also took this opportunity to ask about the relationship between Xing Keyao and Shao Yuhan. After asking Xing Keyao and Shao Yuhan, Ruan Qingxia gave Mi Yan a wink again. Mi Yan turned to Shu Wenbo and asked him whether he liked Ruan Qingxia or not.

Who knew that Shu Wenbo had chosen a big adventure, Mi Yan asked him to take out his mobile phone and call the fifth person who was on the phone to tell him a secret. The five of them were Lu Feng. Lu Feng answered the phone and Shu Wenbo opened the call. Before he said anything, Lu Feng said that he hadn’t asked Ruan Qingxia to come out. He also said that he must chase Ruan Qingxia. Xing Kelei wanted to stop Lu Feng.

Lu Feng said that Shu Wenbo had no objection, Mi Jia hung up the phone quickly, Ruan Qingxia heard what Lu Feng said, and was very disappointed in Shu Wenbo. Seeing that the atmosphere was a little embarrassing, Xing Kelei asked Xing Kelei to take out the cake to eat. As a result, Xing Kelei said that he had forgotten to prepare. In the evening, Mi Jie received the news that Xing Kelei asked her to go out for a walk, and thought that Xing Kelei had prepared a surprise for herself, but the result was nothing.

Just when Mi Ha thought that Xing Kele didn’t prepare anything for him, Xing Kele took Mi Ha to a clearing where there were birthday surprises and gifts that Xing Kele had prepared long ago. Xing Kelei hid slips of paper in each crystal ball. It said what Xing Kelei wanted to say to Mi Ha. Mi Ha looked at the notes Xing Kele wrote to him one by one. My heart was so touched, Mi Ha couldn’t bear it. She turned her head and hugged Xing Kelei tightly.

After Mi Jia and Xing Kelei went out, Xing Keyao and Shao Yuhan sat by the swimming pool watching the stars and chatting. They talked about the past. Xing Keyao suddenly said that he regretted not being a doctor. Xing Keyao had to go back because his father was sick. She left after taking over the family’s business, but she hoped that Shao Yuhan could keep herself, but Shao Yuhan could not selfishly ask Xing Keyao to stay, because he knew that asking Xing Keyao to go back to take over the family’s business was the solution to the problem.

They are all grown-ups, and they shouldn’t be arrogant. Xing Kayao saw that Shao Yuhan refused to stay, so he left, but in fact both of them couldn’t let each other go. Shao Yuhan also took the initiative to ask Xing Keyao to join him, and get together with Yi Qian and the others when he returned.

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