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You Are My Hero 你是我的城池营垒 Episode 21 Recap

Xing Kelei was about to return to the team. Before going back, the two of them sat in the car for a while. Xing Kelei gave Mi Ha a bunch of flowers. Xing Kelei nervously held Mi Ha’s hand. At this time, Xing Kelei settled. The alarm clock for her to go back rang. Mi Ha was very reluctant to bear Xing Kelei. He kissed Xing Kelei on the face before getting off the bus. When Mi Ha was about to get out of the car, Xing Kelei suddenly pulled Mi Ha back and kissed Mi Ha. After kissing in the car for a while, Mi Yan ran home shyly.

After Mi Yan went to work the next day, Xiaoxiao told her that Chen Feifei went to Shao Yuhan and underwent surgery. Shao Yuhan said that Chen Feifei’s surgery was a certain degree of difficulty, so he asked Mi Jia to come and help. Mi Hao sympathized with Chen Feifei, and wanted to remove more tumors for her as much as possible without damaging her nerves. Shao Yuhan advised her not to think too much, and must remember the four words to do her best.

The operation started soon. Unfortunately, Chen Feifei’s tumor was malignant, which meant that they could not completely remove Chen Feifei’s tumor. After Chen Feifei woke up and knew the results, she asked Shao Yuhan to forward a letter to Mi Ha. In the letter, Chen Feifei told Mi Ha that she still decided to give up the follow-up treatment because she wanted to leave the world with dignity. Although Mi Ha was sad, Can only respect Chen Feifei’s decision.

Seeing that Xing Kelei and Mi Ha are progressing well, Lu Feng proposed to let Xing Kele take Mi Ha to travel around, just to get to know each other better. Xing Kelei was a little moved. It happened that Mi Ha was celebrating his birthday.

It was a good idea to go out and Lu Feng took the opportunity. Suggesting that he take Ruan Qingxia with him, Mi Ha accidentally learned that Shao Yuhan and Xing Keyao were lovers in the hospital. It happened that Xing Kelei went out to play with Mi Ha, and Mi Ha thought about asking Shao Yuhan and Xing Keyao to play together. When Xing Kelei was still entangled in ordering one room and one living room or two rooms and one living room, Mi Hao said that he had already booked a big house, so Xing Kelei didn’t order the weight.

Xing Kelei was a little surprised why he wanted to book a big house, Mi Hao just replied After meeting Director Shao, he was called out without further explanation. This made Xing Kele misunderstood Mi Ha, thinking that Mi Ha was going to take Shao Yuhan to their date. Seeing that Xing Kele was angry, Lu Feng encouraged him to ask Mi Ha directly. As a result, Mi Ha He never responded. Xing Kelei thought that Mi Yan was angry, and wanted to ask her when she got off work. As a result, Mi Yan fell asleep in Xing Kelei’s car because of exhaustion.

After Mi Jia woke up, he said that he hadn’t looked at his phone all afternoon. He took out his phone to read the news and saw Xing Kelei’s questioning. Xing Kelei was a little nervous, but who knew that Mi Jia was not angry, but even confessed to Xing Kelei and said that he was wrong. Shao Yuhan should not be invited without authorization, but this time there is a special reason. When Mi Yan talked about the relationship between Shao Yuhan and Xing Kayao, Xing Kelei was also very surprised. He only knew that Xing Kayao had been in love before, but he didn’t.

I didn’t know that the object was Shao Yuhan. Mi Yan felt that they had each other in their hearts, so she wanted to match each other. She was responsible for making an appointment with Shao Yuhan, and asked Xing Kelei to get Xing Keyao out. In order not to make things look embarrassing, Mi Yan planned to call him. Go up with Ruan Qingxia.

Ruan Qingxia went to the police to make an appointment with Shu Wenbo on Mi Tu’s birthday trip. He also said that if Shu Wenbo does not come, it means that Shu Wenbo is avoiding her, indicating that she is different in Shu Wenbo’s heart. Shu Wenbo had to go to the appointment. When several people arrived at the resort, Xing Keyao and Shao Yuhan saw each other and guessed that these people had some thoughts and deliberately deceived them. After a few people settled down, Ruan Qingxia asked Shu Wenbo to climb the mountain, Mi Jia took Xing Kelei with her excuses to buy things, and created a chance for Shao Yuhan and Xing Keyao to be alone.

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