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You Are My Hero 你是我的城池营垒 Episode 20 Recap

When Shao Yuhan was chatting with Xing Keyao, Mi Yan happened to be passing by and saw them. He stepped forward to greet them and asked them if they would like to eat cake. Xing Keyao said that he would do it, but just don’t order cheese. Mi After Ha went back, a colleague happened to divide the cheese biscuits. Yanshan said that Shao Yuhan would get some cheese for Shao Yuhan. The colleague said that Shao Yuhan would not eat cheese. Mi Ha recalled what Xing Kayao said earlier, and there was some gossip between Shao Yuhan and Xing Kayao.

Relationship. Before she could think about it, the nurse came and said that a patient named Chen Feifei was in trouble, and Mi Yan hurried over to check. Chen Feifei is a public figure who cares very much about her acting career and reputation. Chen Feifei is arguing with her agent. She insists that she is not sick, and asks her agent to call her a car to leave. Mi Yan read Chen Feifei’s inspection report.

Said that Chen Feifei’s tumor had compressed the nerves, which caused her back pain. She suggested that she should quickly determine the nature of the tumor to decide on the operation. Chen Feifei refused to listen, turned around and wanted to leave. Mi Hao said that she was outside when she first came in.

It’s all paparazzi. She’s going out now is the same as Guan Xuan’s illness. It’s better to stay and calm down. Chen Feifei really hesitated. Mi Hao persuaded a few more words, saying that if Chen Feifei allowed the tumor to develop, the worst result might be Paralyzed, the nurse Xiaoxiao saw Mi Yan’s few words and stabilized Chen Feifei’s situation, and she admired Mi Yan very much. Yanshan took the opportunity to give the troublesome patient to Mi Yan and asked her to follow up later, and Mi Yan kindly accepted him. Come down.

When Director He heard about this, she deliberately found Mi Fa and said that she and Chen Feifei’s teacher were friends. Chen Feifei was a student of Yue opera. She also knew that Chen Feifei’s journey from Longtao to fame was very difficult.

Chen Feifei didn’t. She is willing to operate because her acting skills have been questioned. She originally wanted to rely on her role to prove her strength, so she has resisted the operation all the time, and in order to promote Yue opera, she has always supported her teacher’s public performance of Yue opera. Some people look sharp, but there is softness in their hearts. Maybe her sharpness is to protect herself. These words made Mi Yan fall into contemplation.

Zhuang Zhiwen applied to the leader. During the Tigers exchanges, the two teams did a simulation exercise. In fact, they were better than one of the two teams in actual combat. Xing Kelei was very confident and felt that they would definitely not lose. Team Hao agreed. This is the competition. The two teams simulated hostage rescue training.

The Tigers selected the rescue method of the cable drop assault. Team Hao explained the rules of the competition. If the hostages were injured, the team would be eliminated. After a tense test, the two teams were equal. In the event that they couldn’t judge who the robbers were, Xing Kelei made a decisive decision and quickly made a judgment. He successfully hit the robbers and won the final victory.

The last time Chen Feifei was shocked by Mi Yan, she has been cooperating with the treatment. She was photographed secretly by the paparazzi this day. Mi Yan stepped forward to help her out, saying that the paparazzi did not delete the photos, she called the police and gave Xing Ke a base. After the call, Xing Kelei answered the phone and was confused. When he wanted to ask something, Mi Yan had hung up the phone. Mi Yan was busy taking Chen Feifei back without explaining to him.

Chen Feifei’s mood is still very bad. The role she wanted has been replaced by someone else, and her tumor will always recur. If it is not a benign tumor, she will have to undergo surgery to remove the tumor. Maybe she will be paralyzed on the bed. Mi Fa patiently persuaded Chen Feifei not to give up hope, and told her Xiaoman’s story to encourage Chen Feifei. Mi Fa remembered what Shao Yuhan told her during the disaster relief, and used these words to cheer Chen Feifei, and Shao Yuhan happened to listen at the door. When I arrived, I felt very relieved.

When Mi Yan was chatting with Ruan Qingxia at home, Ruan Qingxia looked at Mi Yan with gossip, and asked Mi Yan and Xing Kelei if he had kissed. Seeing Mi Yan denied it, he kindly taught Mi Yan how to understand Xing Kelei’s suggestion. Xing Kelei had finished training and came to meet Mi Yan, but they only had more than an hour to meet. The two of them didn’t have time to go to the restaurant to eat. Mi Ji took Xing Kelei to the convenience store and ate and ate, Mi Yan said The first time I saw Xing Kelei, he was very embarrassed.

What exactly Xing Kele liked about him, Xing Kele said without hesitation, and the atmosphere of the two was just right. When Xing Kelei was about to kiss Mi Ha, Xing Kelei suddenly appeared outside the window. People stopped quickly. Xing Kele and Xing Kayao talked about their relationship with Mi Ha. Xing Kayao just asked him to take Mi Ha home next time and formally introduce him. Xing Kelei is about to return to the police force. Mi Ha is very close. Reluctant to give up, the two sat in the car for a while.

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