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Two Souls in One (2021) 罗密欧方程式

Formula Romeo
Other Title:  罗密欧方程式, Two Souls in One

Genres: drama, romance
30 episodes
Wu Ge Jia Fang
Jia Fang (贾方)
Release Date: 
Mar 19, 2021
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  • Li Xin Ran as Tang Mi
  • Xu Zhen Yao as Yang Han
  • Pan Chen as Qu Man
  • Yao Wei Tao as Liang Jinyu
  • Kenji Chen as Lin Haoying
  • Deng Chao Yuan as Ye Zhichuan
  • Ba Li Na as Ai Lisha
  • Zhao Zhen Yu as Zhuang Wubin

Luo and Tang Mi are a pair of twins, one with their father’s surname and the other with their mother’s surname. Their parents passed away early, and the two brothers and sisters have lived a life of each other since then. Time passed, and his brother Luo was discovered by scouts and became a growing star, while his younger sister Tang Mi has been growing up in ordinary times. Luo Ou, who had a smooth star, was suddenly unconscious in a car accident. This caused Tang Mi’s life and spirit to fall to the bottom. In order to continue his brother’s dream, Tang Mi disguised herself as a man and took over the role of her brother through the audition and entered the crew. Entering the crew, Tang Mi once again meets senior Yang Han. Yang Han is already a star in the sky, and she hasn’t remembered this school girl for a long time. Yang Han takes this motivated, sunny and healthy young man very seriously, but paper can’t contain the fire. He quickly discovered Tang Mi’s “secret”, but a series of misunderstandings caused the two to wipe out their love. spark.

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