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Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 8 Recap

Morphy took Shen Jiaxi to borrow a batik workshop, she took out a canned thing, before Shen Jiaxi opened it, Morphy immediately covered her nose and held her breath. The contents of the jar were made from green persimmons that were fermented for a year. The preciousness needless to say, and it was because Murphy and the boss were friends to buy this material. Shen Jiaxi was caught off guard and almost spit out.

Murphy was designing clothes in Mingyuan, Fang Xiaoyu’s assistant Li Qi suddenly interviewed and brought a lot of jewelry to Murphy. Just when Murphy hadn’t recovered, Fang Xiaoyu suddenly appeared holding the bouquet. Such a move made Murphy not happy. In the future, even if she is really excellent in grades, she will be labeled as a back door.

When the incident caused everyone around to watch the show, Tang Mingxuan naturally arrived in time. When Fang Xiaoyu called Murphy intimate, he had already violated his bottom line. Fang Xiaoyu seemed to be making a joke. After the joke, he took everything, including Morphy’s refusal to leave.

Tang Mingxuan finally couldn’t help taking Murphy out of the company forcibly. Two people stood by the artificial lake, and the breeze was blowing, but they didn’t want to appreciate the beautiful scenery. Tang Mingxuan always thought that he had expressed it clearly enough, but Murphy had a deep misunderstanding of him, and it was even harder to understand Tang Mingxuan’s actions to prevent him from approaching Fang Xiaoyu.

At this point, Tang Mingxuan confessed that he listened to Murphy every day and night, returned him from all his schedule, and confessed what he was focusing on Murphy. Tang Mingxuan didn’t want to stop everyone who approached and pursued Murphy, but he believed he knew better than anyone, what kind of man Fang Xiaoyu was. Everything that Tang Mingxuan did was just not wishing that Murphy would be sad in the future and would be hurt by Fang Xiaoyu.

Murphy walked home alone, recalling the past and Tang Mingxuan’s increasingly unpredictable abnormalities, and finally realized that she seemed to have been confessed by the overbearing president. This kind of recognition makes Murphy feel incredible, and it is indeed unbelievable.

Since the start of the competition, Tang Mingxuan has often looked at the designer of Mingyuan. In fact, his focus is also clear at a glance. Feeling the deep threat, Xia Xueling deliberately accompanies Lu Dan to go shopping to gain her favor. In fact, in Lu Dan’s heart, Xia Xueling had long been treated as a future daughter-in-law.

The finals officially opened. Every designer needs to show five sets of clothing, but Murphy is missing one. Fang Xiaoyu deliberately gave up a time limit of one day, hoping to restore another one for Murphy, but this dress carried a lot of effort and effort, and it was impossible to reproduce it in one day, whether it was design or craftsmanship.

Murphy personally didn’t want unfairness in the game. She rejected Fang Xiaoyu’s kindness and was sad to hide behind the scenes by herself. Someone maliciously damaged the designer clothes and behaved very badly. Fang Xiaoyu, as a judge, insisted on figuring out the truth.

At first, Lu Zhu thought it was the designer who wanted to damage Murphy’s clothes for the competition, but everyone suddenly discovered that Bai Xiaoman was not there. It is a well-known thing that Bai Xiaoman and Murphy are not in harmony. Although everyone has no evidence to prove that Bai Xiaoman is the culprit, Bai Xiaoman himself cannot prove his innocence.

Each model changes clothes directly in the background, but Bai Xiaoman goes to the dressing room alone, which makes her more suspicious. Bai Xiaoman couldn’t argue, thinking that it was Murphy deliberately damaging his own things, or deliberately taking the opportunity to use everyone to bully himself. Bai Xiaoman slapped on Murphy’s face and completely angered Fang Xiaoyu. He actually made Bai Xiaoman take off his clothes in public and leave in full view of him in underwear.

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