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Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 10 Recap

Murphy was immersed in the happiness of getting the admission notice from the Paris Fashion Institute. The certificate was only a few centimeters away from his hand when he was awakened by the knock on the door. Murphy and Mo Fan ate their breakfast as usual, while complaining that their brother had ruined their dreams.

Mo Fan did not get the permission of his mother Mo Yuxin to be a model, and once the truth is revealed, it will inevitably be strongly opposed by Mo Yuxin. Mo Yuxin will come over soon, and she still needs Moffy to complete the game. Mo Fan is under the eaves at the moment, and when she has to bow her head, she can only let Moffy bully.

Bai Xiaoman woke up from a hangover and found himself lying on a hotel bed. Zhu Haitian also sent clothes to him at the right time, and took the initiative to leave a message to talk to Bai Xiaoman’s office. When Bai Xiaoman arrived, Zhu Haitian was watching the undressing of her on the Internet, with an intriguing smile.

When the two met, Zhu Haitian first swears on his gentleman’s behavior, and did not take advantage of Bai Xiaoman’s drunkenness to commit illegal activities. The second is to persuade Bai Xiaoman to come to Haiyao to join the job. Although Bai Xiaoman had nowhere to go, Zhu Haitian took the initiative to throw an olive branch. She still asked for three chapters to improve her own benefits.

In Zhu Haitian’s opinion, Bai Xiaoman’s request was not worth mentioning. After agreeing very coolly, he hoped that Bai Xiaoman could go to the party in the evening. The people attending the party were all high-ranking officials of Hai Yao, who was called the welcome party for Bai Xiaoman, and even took the opportunity to touch her hand with a sense of enthusiasm. Although Bai Xiaoman was worried, she had begun to hesitate when she had nowhere to go.

Murphy is going to renew the lease of the dyeing workshop and re-make the clothes that were not shown in the competition. Who knows that Fang Xiaoyu renewed the rent for her earlier and asked to complete the clothes production together. Murphy worked with Fang Xiaoyu half-push half-push half, only then discovered that the other party indeed has amazing talents in both craftsmanship and design.

Fang Xiaoyu and Murphy cooperated happily. While showing their talents, they used half-truth and half-fake stories to express their love to Murphy again. Murphy originally intended to combine Chinese and Western, but he was not strong enough to be able to integrate perfectly. This trouble was easily solved by Fang Xiaoyu.

Murphy was amazed by Fang Xiaoyu’s talent, and Fang Xiaoyu also felt that he had reached the bottleneck inspiration. It was broken by Murphy. I have to say that Fang Xiaoyu really knows how to get girls’ favor. Murphy shared dinner with him to thank him, and didn’t care about the vibration of the incoming phone call. When she found out, the phone was dead and turned off.

Xia Xueling wanted Tang Mingxuan to go with him through the cooperation with Su Xiufang, but he discovered that Tang Mingxuan came to Murphy’s house on purpose. Tang Mingxuan’s recent closeness with Mo Fei caused Xia Xueling’s worries again, so he pretended to be inadvertent in front of Tang Mingxuan and deliberately let him discover Fang Xiaoyu’s close circle of friends with Mo Fei.

When Tang Mingxuan finally got through to Morphy’s call, he learned that everything today was not Morphy’s initiative, and his heart finally fell. Tang Mingxuan’s various concerns and inquiries, as if he was already Murphy’s boyfriend, his concern was always so strong and bossy, and it made Murphy outrageous to report everything about him. Hearing the busy tone on the phone, Tang Mingxuan didn’t understand why Murphy was angry.

At the airport pick-up point, Mo Fei and Mo Fan waited patiently, until they saw a woman with extraordinary temperament, they happily greeted them. This woman with two children has no trace of time. She has a capable and gentle temperament. She is Mo Yuxin, the mother of Mo Fei and Mo Fan.

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