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Road to Rebirth 爱在星空下 Episode 9 Recap

Su Xing and Sun Xiaoai accidentally kissed, and Su Xing asked Qingping to prepare something for him, as if he had been taken advantage of. Louis Wei’s contract was signed, and Pete told Peppa to do Minna’s affairs. Sun Xiaoai was soaked in the bathtub of blood water, and when she woke up, she was shocked. A voice said that there was a mobile phone next to her and asked her to help herself within an hour. This sound was from Qingping, and there was red wine in the bathtub. This was a trick prepared by Su Xing. Sun Xiaoai beat Qingping.

The next day, Sun Xiaoai asked Julie to get up. Julie said that she was finished, but she still got up and went to Su Xing for breakfast. Julie took Sun Xiaoai’s pickles and said it was made by the nanny. Su Xing joked that he would give her the nanny. Julie quickly refused to say that she didn’t like children. Pete told Su Xing that Zhang Qi had signed a contract with Louis Wei. Su Xing was very dissatisfied, thinking that Pete didn’t help him fight for it, but Pete said that Zhang Qi was a stumbling block.

Su Xing asked Qingping to pick up Little Pudding, and Julie tried to make him happy, and Sun Xiaoai was boring beside him. Julie said that he was a child of the predecessor’s family and never mentioned Su Xing. Qingping then went to the airport to pick up Minna. When Sun Xiaoai and Julie left the hotel, Julie thought she was familiar, but comforted herself that she could not be here.

Su Xing met a 19-year-old martial arts actor on the set. He was very hardworking and said that he wanted to become an action star. To encourage him, Su Xing told a story. Julie and Qi Yue sent a message saying that they had finished work late yesterday. Sun Xiaoai asked her why she lied to him and whether Qi Yue liked her. Julie said that she can’t fall in love now, otherwise the drama will be narrower, and Sun Xiaoai asked her if she didn’t want to have a result with Su Xing? Su Xing stopped work from the set and said that he was going out and about, and Director Liang hurriedly asked people to follow him.

Su Xing returned to the hotel. Little Pudding was already asleep with Min Na. Little Pudding didn’t remember Min Na anymore, Min Na was a little sad. Su Xing has been paying attention to Min Na’s news over the years and persuading her to return to China for development, but Min Na disagrees. She has worked hard for so many years and does not want to give up now. Su Xing moved out of Little Pudding again. They had missed too much time. Minna said that she would come back when the time was right, and gave them an explanation.

Min Na left without waiting for Pudding to wake up. Su Xing asked her why she left herself so decisively in the first place, but Min Na did not answer. Pete couldn’t get through Su Xing’s phone, and was very worried. The scene where Su Xing sent Minna away was captured by a camera in the dark. Director Liang took the photo and came to Director Song. Because Su Xing and Pete were rude and unreasonable, they had already I want to vent my breath.

Early the next morning, Su Xing asked Julie to send Pudding back to Beijing safely, and then went to the studio. At this time, Su Xing’s photo has been exposed. Although Min Na did not take the face, the news is very hot. Pete asked where Su Xing went last night, and if that person was Minna. Su Xing said she came back to celebrate Pudding’s birthday. Pete was very angry because of this and felt that he should not go to see Minna privately. .

Sun Xiaoai and Julie returned to Beijing with Pudding. Julie was temporarily notified to make up the record, so she could only ask Sun Xiaoai to take care of them. Qi Yue and Julie were made difficult for Su Xing’s affairs. Julie was forced to eat ice cream because of a special period, and finally vomited directly. Sun Xiaoai took Xiao Puding to the game hall, only to meet Ye Lang. Su Xing is very calm on the set. Jiang Producer and Director Song are very happy, because of Su Xing’s affairs, their scenes are also on the hot search. After Pitt found out the source of this incident, he said something strangely, and then reminded Su Xing to be more vigilant. After finally recording the show, Julie was already very weak, and she told Qi Yue earnestly that if she was not popular in this circle, she would never have a bright future.

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