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Road to Rebirth 爱在星空下 Episode 10 Recap

Little Pudding bought a lot of things, and Sun Xiaoai quickly paid for him. In order to prevent Little Pudding from running around, he had to agree to his terms. Su Xing refused to continue filming for the reason that the script was not good, and Jiang Su was very angry. Sun Xiaoai sent Xiao Puding home, told him to change his clothes and take a bath, and cook him dinner by himself. Pete was busy dealing with Su Xing’s affairs. Su Xing knew he was afraid of Minna’s return, but if she did come back, Su Xing would definitely marry her.

Sun Xiaoai made fried chicken and coaxed Pudding to change clothes and finished the meal. Pete said that he understood Su Xing’s feelings for Min Na. Su Xing said that if Min Na was too difficult outside, he asked Pete to sign her. If he didn’t want to, Su Xing would wait for the contract to expire and find a company that was willing. Pudding went back to the room to play Lego, and Sun Xiaoai offered to help him. Julie fell asleep in Qi Yue’s car, Sun Yihang called and said that he had come out, and Su Xing had also returned. Julie quickly asked Qi Yue to take her home. When Su Xing returned home, Sun Xiaoai broke into his room without knowing it, only to ran into Su Xing who had just taken a shower, and they pulled the curtains down when they tore. Su Xing drove Sun Xiaoai out of the house, and Julie hurriedly took her home.

Pete asked Peppa to help Minna and threatened her with Lu Yiwei’s relationship with fans. Peppa left first under the excuse of Peppa, and Pete asked to send some news out tomorrow. Su’s mother came back and asked Su Xing News what was going on as soon as she came back. Xiao Puding said that Aunt Xiao Ai had been taking care of him very much. Su’s mother was very satisfied. Su Xing quickly said that she had gone out to buy groceries and ran to Sun Xiaoai while she was taking a bath to ask her to be their housekeeper. Otherwise, he would sue Sun Yihang.

After blowing a rainbow fart, he could even post on Weibo to return Sun Xiaoai’s innocence. Julie persuaded Sun Xiaoai to agree to this matter, persuaded her to take the opportunity to be friends with Su Xing, and he could also fix him anytime and anywhere, for Sun Yihang and Sun Xiaoai to pay back the money, after all, Su Xing gave her fifty thousand a month Monthly salary. Su Xing sent a real contract, so that Sun Xiaoai didn’t care about the contract given by Su’s mother.

Su’s mother felt that Sun Xiaoai shouldn’t give Xiao Pudding fried food, so Sun Xiaoai quickly explained. Sun Yihang came out, but Sun Xiaoai didn’t pick him up. Sun Yihang was attracted by a beautiful motorcycle girl on the side of the road. Her name was Liang Yuxuan, who came to pick him up with her ex-boyfriend. Liang Yuxuan beat her ex-boyfriend and left, and Sun Yihang was deeply attracted. Su’s mother gave Sun Xiaoai a contract and a confidentiality agreement, and she was willing to come to work early tomorrow morning.

Su’s mother suddenly received a call with a heavy expression, and Sun Xiaoai and Julie looked puzzled. Su’s mother went upstairs and asked Little Pudding why he didn’t take piano lessons. She lost her temper when she got excited and said that he could not buy soft toys, otherwise his asthma would recur. Sun Xiaoai hurriedly explained to Pudding and said to talk to Pudding to see what he thought. Little Pudding cried alone and was very aggrieved. Sun Xiaoai coaxed him with a few words and said that he would invite friends to play on his birthday.

After Sun Yihang came out, he came to see Julie. Julie said he couldn’t wander around here, and hurried him out. The contract sent by Mr. Wei stated that during the contract period, if Su Xing did something detrimental to his image, he would have to pay for all of the investment. Pete asked the legal affairs to communicate. The bottom line was violation of law and discipline. Pete asked Qi Yue to go to a party with himself at night, and Qi Yue was very obedient.

Su’s mother fell off the stool, and Sun Xiaoai hurriedly rushed to cushion it. Su Xing was very angry and felt that Sun Xiaoai hadn’t taken care of Su’s mother and drove her out. Sun Xiaoai was even more aggrieved and threatened to rectify Su Xing. Su’s mother explained to Su Xing that what happened today has nothing to do with Sun Xiaoai, but she saved herself. Su Xing asked Su’s mother to do a massage, and Su’s mother was shocked when she heard the price.

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