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Ping Pong Life 荣耀乒乓 Episode 24 Recap

A table, two sides and four players, the game is about to start, and the fate of Yu Kenan and Xu Tan is also in one fell swoop. In the first game, for the first ball, Yu Kenan and Xu Tan made an incomprehensible posture. Xu Tan lowered their heads to attack, but the real attacker was Yu Kenan swiping the ball over Xu Tan’s head. .

In the second game, the second ball, the two again communicated their tactics, and their behavior was extremely exaggerated. This time, the repetition of the old technique was a false exchange, and Xu Tan was the actual attacker. The third goal was even more bluffing at the beginning. The two of them directly disclosed the tactics, played twice, and finally won the first victory with a sound.

Xu Tan knows very well that such psychological tactics against Ye Zhenxin and Xia Ke are only temporary, and the second game will inevitably lose its effect. Sure enough, the second game ended with Yu Kenan and Xu Tan’s disastrous defeat, and the weak points of offense and defense between them still seemed to be unable to overcome. Fu Chuanzhi admired the tactics of the two before, and was disappointed that the two could not overcome the offensive and defensive transition.

The third game is the one that determines the final victory. Yu Kenan and Xu Tan put aside all psychological pressure and concentrate on dealing with this game. As the game became fierce, everyone finally saw that Yu Kenan and Xu Tan switched offensive and defensively, and the two were each other, making the game evenly matched.

Suddenly, there was a roar, it turned out that Xu Tan finally yelled because of winning, which surprised everyone. The scores have been tied with each other, and at the match point, Yu Kenan fell behind by one point. The two desperately tried their best to save the ball and fell to the ground. Looking at the ball coming again, Yu Kenan held Xu Tan’s hand tightly and helped him get up and turn around.

It’s a pity that the ball fell to the side of the table, and Yu Kenan and Xu Tan lost the game by two points. Just as the two were about to accept the consequences of the game, applause of recognition and appreciation rang out on the court, and Fu Chuanzhi also recognized their spirit and hard work. Just when Fu Chuanzhi implicitly proposed to let Yu Kenan and Xu Tan enter the first team, the two of them were reminded by Teng Biao before they came back to their senses and fell into an excited carnival.

Fu Chuanzhi was blocked by Zheng Hao at the door of the office. Zheng Hao’s words were fierce, and his heart seemed to be depressed for a long time, and his unhappiness broke out at this moment. After discussion and decision in the team, no matter whether it is the Olympic Games or other important world competitions, there is no place to pay for the competition.

Zheng Hao is very clear about Fu Jingchun’s strength and achievements, and he also understands that the selection of places is not only about results, but he just can’t relax. Perhaps it is clear that Fu Jingchun’s injury may one day be forced to lose his standing on the world stage forever. Zheng Hao hopes that Fu Jingchun’s name can remain in everyone’s hearts.

Zheng Hao lost control of his emotions and fell into the eyes of Fu Jingchun. He realized that the coach in front of him was more urgent than himself and hoped that he could participate in the World Series. Zheng Hao hopes that Fu Jingchun can stand on the Olympic champion’s podium, and Fu Jingchun is also inspiring the master and apprentice to work together to create glory.

After the game, Yu Kenan immediately took Zhang Caiwei on a date and apologized for her previous fierce words. However, Zhang Caiwei has already decided to go abroad. She can’t accept that she will gradually leave the world competition forever and be gradually replaced. Although Yu Kenan was difficult to accept for a while, as a table tennis player, he also understood Zhang Caiwei’s choice. They believe that the day they retire is the day they get married.

Lei Lei also chose to go abroad. She finally made a decision after a long period of mental struggle. Lei Lei doesn’t want her life to be constrained by the college entrance examination, she wants to experience different choices and lives. Before leaving, Lei Lei refused to let Lei Cheng say goodbye. Only Xu Tan prepared a tape for her, which recorded Xu Tan’s wishes for Lei Lei.

There are only 371 days before the Beijing Olympics. All the coaches and team members are solemnly facing the rising national flag. They will be greeted by more intense training. Everyone has a dream of champions in their hearts, and everyone will work hard for the dream in their hearts and dedicate their youth and blood.

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