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Ping Pong Life 荣耀乒乓 Episode 23 Recap

It’s Lei Lei’s birthday again. Since Lei Lei’s mother left the house for the first time, she did not spend her birthday with her daughter for the first time, and for the first time I heard Lei Lei crying on the phone, hoping to do nothing, as long as her mother comes back. Lei Lei’s mother never had the courage to call her daughter again. Today, after many years of birthday, Lei Lei’s mother hopes to make up for it and spend her birthday with her daughter.

In a blink of an eye, the little girl in Lei’s memory has grown into a big girl, and she still insists that she can persuade Lei Lei to go abroad. The mother and daughter have not been seen for many years, Lei Lei will softly agree to have dinner together when she hears her mother around her, and celebrate her birthday with her mother once, which is not Lei Lei’s wish.

Lei Mu’s business abroad is booming. She is fully capable of taking care of Lei Lei financially, and she has also found multiple suitable universities for her. But Lei Lei couldn’t let go of her friends in Beijing, let alone her father in Beijing. This was also the time when Lei’s mother admired Lei Cheng most.

Lei Lei didn’t know when he and her mother were blowing birthday candles. In fact, Lei Cheng deliberately prepared cakes and a table of dishes, and called Xu Tan together to give Lei Lei a surprise. Lei Cheng couldn’t wait for his daughter, so he pretended not to care and drank with Xu Tan.

With alcohol, Lei Cheng remembered many past regrets. It was difficult to balance career and family, not to mention that he was still an athlete who couldn’t make a home every day. Lei Mu could only face the cold house every day, even after more than ten hours of giving birth, he saw Lei Cheng rushing late.

Lei Cheng felt guilty, but he was helpless with the status quo. He was unable to give up table tennis, which eventually broke his family. Lei Cheng confided to Xu Tan through Jiu Jin that the athlete’s short sports career shouldn’t involve others, but he didn’t know whether he was telling himself or admonishing Xu Tan.

This year’s Olympics, no matter how Wang Jun fights, Fu Chuanzhi is determined not to let Zhang Caiwei play. For veteran players, it is extremely difficult to adapt to the new style of play and changing their own habits for many years. They are far less adaptable than new players. This decision also made Zhang Caiwei dissatisfied, but she did not have the power to change the world, and she also understood that the previous game mistakes were the key to the current situation.

The meaning of the Olympics is different from other competitions. Zhang Caiwei can no longer see her future in the national team, and she has also begun to consider whether to go abroad for development. Even if Yu Kenan has the intention to stay, it is the nature of the athlete to go forward bravely. If he is Zhang Caiwei, he cannot give up the pursuit of table tennis.

After a long period of training, Yu Kenan and Xu Tan’s doubles had a 100% win rate in the second team. After Teng Biao continued to fight for it, Fu Chuanzhi finally agreed to give them another chance. As long as Yu Kenan and Xu Tan can win, they can directly enter the first team, otherwise they will be returned to the provincial team.

This was a last-ditch fight for them, and the two were full of confidence, but when they learned that their opponents were Ye Zhenxin and Xia Ke, it was like a bucket of cold water poured into their fiery hearts. The tacit understanding between Ye Zhenxin and Xia Ke is that they can communicate with just one eye, and it is also a world champion.

On the eve of the game, Ma Chuan and Liu Shi both sweated for Yu Kenan and Xu Tan. They fought against Ye Zhenxin many times, and they understood their strengths better. Xu Tan has also been in a state of anxiety, wanting to customize various tactics, but Yu Kenan’s mentality is calm, a little softer than before, and he is willing to listen to Xu Tan’s opinions.

On the day of Lei Lei’s college entrance examination, it was also the day when Yu Kenan and Xu Tan played against Ye Zhenxin and Xia Ke. They came to the stadium early to welcome this destiny-determining moment. Fu Chuanzhi ordered the two Ye Zhenxin to face the game with the mentality of a world game, which is bound to force the full potential of Kenan and Xu Tan.

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