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Ping Pong Life 荣耀乒乓 Episode 22 Recap

As the days passed, Yu Kenan and Xu Tan also gradually came to a tacit understanding, and finally they would not cause trouble for each other in their lives, and they have made real progress in their playing. Yu Kenan and Xu Tan learned the doubles strategy proposed by Ma Chuan and worked out the gestures that belonged to them, and they got substantive results on the training ground.

Looking at their progress these days, Fu Chuanzhi finally decided to make the next plan. When Yu Kenan and Xu Tan habitually stretched out their hands and waited for Teng Biao to put handcuffs on them, they were told that the handcuffs could finally be laid off.

It is rare to regain freedom, and Yu Kenan immediately took Zhang Caiwei to enjoy the two-person world. Yu Kenan doesn’t have too many restrictions on spending money, he just wants to have fun, but Zhang Caiwei always tries his best to save money.

The two entered the clothing store, and Yu Kenan chose a set of skirts and high heels for Zhang Caiwei, which Zhang Caiwei had never tried before. With Kenan’s insistence, Zhang Caiwei reluctantly changed her clothes. As expected, the temperament of the whole person was completely different, and Yu Kenan was a bit dumbfounded for a while.

Xu Tan also began to think about buying a gift for Lei Lei, but his straight thoughts, coupled with his lack of experience in relationships, made it hard to pick a gift. Under Ma Chuan’s guidance, Xu Tan turned around to figure out what she likes from Lei Lei’s mouth. Who knows that Lei Lei’s recent mathematics scores only left Xu Tan at a loss.

Suddenly, Fu Chuanzhi prepared for Yu Kenan and Xu Tan to play a temporary doubles match. Although the two were caught off guard, they also cooperated in the match tacitly. However, this tacit understanding is still established in Kenan’s blindly offensive, and Xu Tan’s blindly defensive mode, allowing Ma Chuan to see through the weakness of the two at a glance.

The game ended in a two-to-eleven match. Yu Kenan and Xu Tan were defeated, and Fu Chuanzhi was extremely disappointed. Although Yu Kenan and Xu Tan attacked and defended, they will inevitably be easily suppressed by their opponents if they do not seek variables during the game.

This game was originally used by Fu Chuanzhi to evaluate the two. Once the game is successful, they can enter the first team, but they did not seize the opportunity. Yu Kenan and Xu Tan didn’t know what the match meant to them until the end of the game, but regretted it to no avail. This result also made Teng Biao furious.

With the coming of the new year, Yu Kenan can only hear Yu Ge’s endless accusations every time he is at home. He seems to suffocate if he stays at home for a moment. After the New Year was over, Yu Kenan returned to the training ground with his luggage, only to discover that Xu Tan had already returned to practice.

The two people ate lively in the dormitory, while watching the interviews of the Kuwait game, they added a touch of new year and joy. In the Kuwait game, Ma Chuan and Leng Yi won the doubles gold medal, while Liu Shi won the singles silver medal, which is also a very good result.

The silver medal in the Kuwait game was far from Liu Shi’s pursuit. As soon as he returned from the game, he pestered Qin Zhen to learn the trick. As soon as Qin Zhen walked away, Xu Tan sat beside Liu Shi with a smile, looking askance.

Ma Chuan had just left the dormitory and was blocked by Yu Kenan in the corridor. Under the coercion of Kenan, Ma Chuan finally bought Ma Chuan with three boxes of chocolates. Liu Shi and Ma Chuan are very familiar with the play of the first team, and only they can help Yu Kenan and Xu Tan practice doubles.

During the training session, Liu Shi and Ma Chuan saw Xu Tan and Yu Kenan’s problems at a glance, and the same tricks can make them suffer repeatedly. If Yu Kenan does not learn to defend, and Xu Tan has not been good at offense, then their doubles will never come to an end.

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