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Ping Pong Life 荣耀乒乓 Episode 21 Recap

Qin Zhen drunk knocked on Liu Shi’s door and took him back to the table tennis training room to play in the middle of the night. It was more like venting his depression through alcohol. Qin Zhen used to be the top in chopping technology, but now he can no longer play for physical reasons. Watching the decline of chopping skills is what he is most unconvinced. Liu Shi likes to cut the ball. At this time, Qin Zhen seemed to pour his unfulfilled dream on him.

Early in the morning, Yu Kenan and Xu Tan were tortured together as usual, and met Zhang Caiwei on the way to training. Yu Kenan was ashamed to let Zhang Caiwei see him and Xu Tan being tied together, deliberately looking for various excuses to hide from each other, and Zhang Caiwei’s attitude also made Zhang Caiwei feel uneasy.

After finally dismissing Zhang Caiwei, Yu Kenan and Xu Tan broke out in a doubles training session. The two people disliked each other and looked for each other’s faults, especially after experiencing boxing, Xu Tan also began to put on a fighting momentum. This scene happened to be seen by Teng Biao, and he cursed at the two of them, and he was a little disappointed in them.

Seeing Teng Biao leaving behind, Xu Tan and Yu Kenan were also ashamed and took the initiative to chain the handcuffs together again. They repeatedly made mistakes, but Fu Chuanzhi repeatedly asked them to carry out targeted special training in the name of punishment. Although this “special honor” has already caused injustice in the hearts of other players, they also sincerely believe that Yu Kenan and Xu Tan are really good.

While Lei Cheng was cooking at home, he heard someone knock on the door and mistakenly thought that Lei Lei had forgotten the things and came back to take them. When he opened the door, he found that it was his ex-wife standing outside. At the moment of meeting, Lei Cheng was a little uncomfortable and seemed to miss it a little, but when he learned the intention of his ex-wife, he said nothing more.

Lei Lei’s mother left her child and husband and went to live with others on the other side of the earth. Now she unilaterally wanted to take Lei Lei out of the country forcibly because Lei Cheng could not take care of Lei Lei. This matter was Lei Cheng’s bottom line, he could not agree at all, and Lei Lei, who happened to return home, had shown her choice without even looking at her mother.

Xu Tan and Yu Kenan were worrying about the training, they received a call from Lei Lei, but Yu Kenan acted resolutely and decided on a date with Lei Lei instead of Xu Tan. Under Xu Tan’s urging, Yu Kenan also took the initiative to meet up for the sake of face.

When the four people meet, although it is not suitable to talk about some personal matters, it is no longer a misunderstanding between each other. Yu Kenan deliberately confessed Xu Tan’s love letter, but Lei Lei didn’t seem to have heard it, and the four-person date ended in a hurry.

The Kuwait Open is coming soon. Ma Chuan will be awarded with doubles and Liu Shi will be awarded with singles. Such competitions, such as Fang Yue and Xia Ke, are impossible to participate. They need to prepare for the World Table Tennis Championships. However, Kuwait can also be ranked in the world. If it achieves good results, it will be considered a name in the world. Naturally, Fu Jingchun does not want to miss it.

Zheng Hao also didn’t know whether he was afraid of Fu Jingchun’s tight competition, which would cause the chance of foot injury, or he really didn’t want him to waste energy in this kind of uninfluenced competition and resolutely refused to let him participate. Zheng Hao’s insistence on going his own way, never caring about Fu Jingchun’s wishes, finally made Fu Jingchun dissatisfied, but as a player, he couldn’t go against the coach.

Ma Chuan and Liu Shi entered the first team, only to find the gap between the first team and the second team, and being able to enter the Kuwait game was considered a recognition of them. During the chat, Yu Kenan and Xu Tan also learned some tricks of doubles from Ma Chuankou.

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