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Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 3 Recap

Yuan Kan broke into the main hall, approaching collapse and asked why the emperor didn’t let De Zhao go. The emperor did not expect his son to be so deeply jealous of him, and gradually became angry and ordered Yuan Kan to be sent to prison. The queen on the side took the opportunity to run out, trying to persuade the emperor to set up another prince, which angered the emperor again, and even warned the queen not to intervene in the court. In the early dynasty, the ministers interceded for King Xiang. Zhao Jin suggested that this matter could be investigated by Kou Zhun of Dali Temple, and the emperor agreed.

Kou Zhun came to the Prince Xiang’s Mansion to clean up the scene of the crime and asked who prepared the drink. Pan Yushu collapsed after hearing this. The princess knew that Concubine Pan had prepared it, so she drew her sword and pointed it at Pan Yushu. Fortunately, Minister Guo arrived in time to stop him. The princess’s gaffe. Facing her father, the princess finally calmed down, but she was still puzzled by the emperor’s imprisonment of King Xiang. Minister Guo said that it was precisely because the emperor saw that the next time he might be killed is King Xiang, he sent King Xiang in. The safest place.

Liu E heard about the Prince Xiang Mansion and asked Su Yijian to discuss it. Liu E suspected that King Qin was the murderer behind the incident. The stranger who followed him that day was the one who assassinated the emperor’s grandson. Su Yijian was shocked, and only then agreed to Liu E to pass the information to Minister Guo. Late at night, Kou Zhun was taken to the palace. It turned out that the queen met. The queen hinted that Brigadier Kou would direct the murderer to King Xiang. Knowing the queen’s will, Kou Zhun framed King Xiang in the early dynasty the next day, and the emperor made an imperial decree. Minister Guo pleaded guilty with death, and only then changed his will and ordered King Xiang to be demoted to a commoner and never stepped into the capital.

Master Lu rushed to the Prince Xiang’s mansion, but was driven back by the imperial army arranged by the emperor, so the flying pigeon passed the book and urged King Qin to conspire to rebel. Now that the court is full of forbidden troops, the emperor’s oppression made King Qin out of breath, and the princess persuaded him to resist. She has prepared a team of dancing girls assassins for King Qin, which can be used on the day of the Queen’s banquet. But the princess’ leg injury affected her performance at the moment. In a hurry, the princess called Liu E to practice with the dancing girl and strive to enter the palace to perform.

At the beginning of the banquet, the princess called the dancing girl. King Qin’s army rushed into the palace and began to fight with the imperial army. At this moment, the dancer among them took out a blade to point at the emperor, but was held by Liu E, and the flying blade was blocked by the guards on the side. King Qin saw the falling blade and held the sword to the emperor in resentment, but was pulled by the guard again. Only then did the emperor tell the truth.

At this moment, Minister Lu who helped King Qin was ambushed, and King Qin’s army was not spared. At this moment, the mystery of the murder of the emperor’s grandson and the death of the county king was revealed, and Liu E was able to return to his true identity. Concubine Guo didn’t expect Li Wan’er to deceive herself, but who knew Wan’er said that the token her father gave was actually to kill Liu E. Now that Liu E has been wronged, Concubine Guo also puts aside the conspiracy and no longer opposes Liu E’s admission.

Liu E came to the prison to visit Princess Qin. The princess hoped that King Qin’s son Baoer could entrust Liu E to Liu E. Liu E replied that Baoer is currently supported by the palace, and he can receive salary when he grows up, and has no worries about food and clothing. Only then did the princess let go of the last worry in her heart, and when Liu E left, she was killed herself in white silk. The emperor came to the prison of King Qin. King Qin angrily accused the emperor of persecuting himself for making himself rebellious, exposing the emperor’s hypocrisy and killing his brothers and jealous brothers. After hearing this, the emperor didn’t say much any more, he just ended King Qin with his own hands and left indifferently.

Knowing that King Qin was dead, the queen knew that the plan had failed, so she had to think about other ways to replace King Xiang again. On the other hand, Liu E returned to the Prince Xiang’s mansion and wanted to apologize to the princess again, but the nurse said that the princess was ill, so Liu E had to leave. Who knew that Li Wan’er followed and said happily to Liu E that the princess gave herself to Liu E, Liu E was also very happy after hearing this.

The next day, Zhao Jin came to Prince Xiang’s Mansion and persuaded King Xiang not to favor Liu E alone, which attracted the resentment of Minister Pan and Minister Guo. Yuan Kan didn’t say much after listening, but just nodded in agreement. Liu E went to pay homage to Princess Qin. Su Yijian reported to Liu E that he was recommended to go to Prince Xiang’s Mansion to assist King Xiang. Liu E was very happy.

The emperor fell ill, and King Xiang asked to see him. The emperor thought Liu E was a catastrophe, and ordered Liu E to leave Prince Xiang’s mansion and not let King Xiang approach him. The emperor did not listen to Yuan Kan’s arguments. Stubborn.

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