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Mouse 마우스 Episode 4 Recap

Cheng Yaohan killed his grandma without any effort. He felt that he had no sense of accomplishment. Before leaving, he snatched the corsage that Wu Fengyi gave to his grandma. Gao Wuzhi determined that Cheng Yaohan was suspected of committing the crime, and suffering from the lack of conclusive evidence, he asked his assistant to find Cheng Yaohan’s friend Jin Juncheng to find out the situation.

At this moment, a religious factory found Park Jong-ho, who had been killed for ten days. Gao Wuzhi hurried over. Due to the long time, the body began to decay. Gao Wuzhi and Police Officer Shin rushed over and found it in Park Jong-ho’s neck. An unknown thing. On the way, Gao Wuzhi saw Wu Fengyi squatting on the bridge and shaking, so he sent her home.

Gao Wuzhi carefully inspected the scene of the crime and found that the deceased was Wu Fengyi’s grandmother. She held a half-burned photo in her hand. Wu Fengyi saw her grandmother being killed, and was so sad that she didn’t want to have a child. Gao Wuzhi hugged him tightly. Live her. Zheng Barin regrets that he killed his grandmother. He did not receive a report from grandma in time, nor did he catch the murderer. Zheng Barin only smelled the minty smell on the murderer. Gao Wuzhi could only be kind to him. persuade.

Cheng Zhien wanted to send Cheng Yaohan’s clothes to the dry cleaning, but found that there were blood stains on them. She prepared the meal calmly and urge Cheng Yaohan to get married as soon as possible. Cheng Yaohan did not want to have a Han Xujun three generations. Every time Cheng Zhien heard that someone was killed in the news, she guessed that Cheng Yaohan did it, and her conscience was condemned again and again. Cheng Yaohan learned that Zheng Barin was rescued in the hospital and came to the ward to poison him when he was unprepared. Wu Fengyi suddenly broke in to find Zheng Barin for theory, Cheng Yaohan had to escape first.

Gao Wuzhi repeatedly compared the photos in his grandmother’s hands. He didn’t see any clues. He went to the surveillance nearby where the crime was committed, but he didn’t expect Zheng Barin to come here to investigate with a cane. Zheng Barin and Gao Wuzhi went to visit separately, but found nothing. The intermediary proprietress recognized her grandma, but her husband was worried that the accused of hiring an elderly person would not allow her to speak out.

Zheng Barin helped Wu Fengyi take care of his grandma’s funeral, and let grandma go into the soil for peace. Wu Fengyi lay in front of her grandma’s grave and cried. Zheng Barin was also moved. He sent Wu Fengyi home and saw her grandma. She grabbed the dinner she had prepared before her death and ate it. Zheng Barin was worried that she would have a bad stomach from eating, and desperately blocked her. At the same time, Gao Wuzhi sent his police colleagues to expand the scope of the visit.

Wu Fengyi dreamed that her grandma was sitting next to her and weeping silently. She woke up but she was nowhere to be seen. Wu Fengyi was heartbroken and felt a lot more at ease when she saw Zheng Barin guarding outside and falling asleep. After rigorous investigation by the police, it was finally found that grandma was taking a bus to do cleaning. Gao Wuzhi hurried to investigate nearby. Sung Yaohan saw the police coming to the hospital from the window, so he called Jin Juncheng to inform him. Jin Juncheng lied that he was with Sung Yaohan at the time of the crime. The police used his mobile phone to call Sung Yaohan, and Sung Yaohan told him. He has to testify as agreed in advance.

Gao Wuzhi received a call from Officer Shen and asked him to secretly check Cheng Yaohan’s driving recorder. Gao Wuzhi found Cheng Yao Han’s downstairs, and suddenly received a call from the team leader. He had to return. Cheng Yaohan drove past him, and Gao Wuzhi did not see it either. The team leader forced Gao Wuzhi to disclose the progress of the grandma’s murder case to the media. Gao Wuzhi found all kinds of excuses and was forcibly detained by the team leader and gave him a copy of his speech.

The kid Kim Korea followed his mother to the playground to participate in an event. The TV station sent a reporter to follow along. Kim Korea wanted to eat bread. His mother asked him to wait for the uncles of the TV station to have dinner. Mom walked away when something happened. Kim Korea saw a bag of bread on the ground. He hurried over and picked it up. There was another bag in front of him, and he picked it up again. In this way, Kim Korea was cheated away, and the incident immediately caused a strong response.

Gao Wuzhi read the speech without saying a word. The reporters followed him and blocked him, forcing him to tell if the murderer was a psychopath. Gao Wuzhi suddenly received a call from an unknown number. The other party said he was the murderer. He threatened to kill Kim Korea publicly at the end of the show that Gao Wuzhi participated in. It was all thanks to Gao Wuzhi. Gao Wuzhi came to the police chief to report the situation and begged them to cancel the show. The moment Gao Wuzhi answered the phone, Cheng Yaohan killed another person and painted a blood-red cross on the window before leaving.

Gao Wuzhi sorted out the situation of the seven victims one by one for comparison. Cui Hongzhu also came to participate. The reporter took the opportunity to come to Cui Hongzhu’s office and took the record of the call between Gao Wuzhi and the murderer and made public the recording, which immediately aroused the public. There was an uproar, and the perverted murderous madness made the people panic all day long. Gao Wuzhi gritted his teeth with anger. The old policeman who was killed by Han Xujun came to Gao Wuzhi for cooperation, but Gao Wuzhi flatly refused.

The reporters surrounded and intercepted Gao Wuzhi, and Gao Wuzhi vowed to bring the murderer to justice. When Cheng Yaohan came to the ward to look for Zheng Barin, he learned that he was still discharged from the hospital and went home. Cheng Yaohan found out his address. Kim Korea’s mother came to ask Gao Wuzhi to save Kim Korea. Cui Hongzhu and Zheng Barin supported him, but they didn’t have an office, so Zheng Barin gave up his home as a studio.

Gao Wuzhi received a call from the criminal police and learned that the killer was an insect in Park Zhonghao’s neck. Father Gao made mixed vegetables and brought them to Zheng Barin, and asked him to hide from Gao Wuzhi, Cheng Yaohan hid aside and saw clearly. After the meal, Gao Wuzhi, Gu Dongjiu and Cui Hongzhu separately went to investigate the social relations of the seven dead, trying to find out why the murderer chose them.

Cui Hongzhu appeared on the show on time. She told Gao Wuzhi to publicly find the clues. Gao Wuzhi demonstrated to the murderer in public. He has found out why the murderer chose those seven people. Let the murderer listen carefully. Cheng Yaohan saw this scene. He came to the basement to kill the imprisoned Kim Korea.

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