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Brilliant Girls 爱的理想生活 Episode 37 Recap

Ding Huiqiao once again applied to Li Wensen for an intelligent upgrade of the guest room, but Li Wensen flatly refused. Sammi learned of Ding Huiqiao’s situation and called to comfort her and promised to try his best to fight for the board. Ding Huiqiao was upset. After get off work, she hid in the car and borrowed wine to soothe her sorrows. Luo Shang rode her to the open space of the park on a motorcycle to let her vent her resentment. Luo Shang cried loudly in his arms.

Bai Xiangwen came to pick up Wen Ruxue from get off work every day. Shen Kuo wanted to compete with Bai Xiangwen and deliberately wanted to send Wen Ruxue home. Wen Ruxue flatly refused. On the way home, Bai Xiangwen casually mentioned that the company wanted to send him out to be the executive chef. He was reluctant and reassured that Wen Ruxue decided to stay at the Wei Hotel, but Wen Ruxue did not appreciate it and let him choose freely.

In Heliu, Bai Xiangwen invited her to go with her. Wen Ruxue is used to living in Shanghai, and her friends and sister are here. Bai Xiangwen blames her for only thinking about herself. Wen Ruxue sneered at Bai Xiangwen and told him to follow him. Don’t care about anyone. When two people disagree, they start quarreling.

Wen Ruxue didn’t want to continue arguing with Bai Xiangwen. She wanted to stay at Ding Huiqiao’s house tonight. She had to accompany Wen Xiaoyang. Regardless of Bai Xiangwen’s obstruction, she resolutely got out of the car and left. Wen Ruxue persuaded Wen Xiaoyang to sue Du Jiamu, but she had no conclusive evidence. Wen Xiaoyang deleted her chat history with Du Jiamu long ago. Wen Ruxue remembered that there was a backup of Wen Xiaoyang’s phone in the computer, and Wen Xiaoyang and Douzi immediately went to retrieve the original comics. Draft, Wen Ruxue encouraged Wen Xiaoyang to go to the fan meeting to expose Du Jiamu.

Today is the first meeting between Du Jiamu and fans. Wen Ruxue prepared interview cards for Wen Xiaoyang and others in advance. Du Jiamu came to the meeting on time. Before the reporter asked questions, Du Jiamu publicly apologized to Wen Xiaoyang and admitted that the new work copied Wen Xiaoyang’s story. I hope Wen Xiaoyang will not hate comics because of this, and Wen Xiaoyang is immediately dumbfounded. Qi Yue stood up to defend Du Jiamu. Du Jiamu also confessed to Qi Yue that her previous work had plagiarized her creation. Du Jiamu promised to return the copyright that belonged to them and was willing to bear the corresponding compensation. Since then, he will never get involved in comics.

After the meeting, Qi Yue came to Du Jiamu and complained that he shouldn’t admit that he hadn’t done anything before. Qi Yue admitted to her face that she copied Wen Xiaoyang’s cartoons and deliberately imitated Du Jiamu’s handwriting and finished the publication, only begging Du Jiamu to stay with her. , Wen Xiaoyang heard clearly outside the door. Wen Ruxue accompanied Wen Xiaoyang back to Ding Huiqiao’s home, and Bai Xiangwen suddenly chased him and forced Wen Ruxue home.

Wen Ruxue woke up early in the morning and saw that Bai Xiangwen was already at work. She also prepared a hearty breakfast for her. Chen Jiaqian called Wen Ruxue and wanted to put their wedding video on the public account. Wen Ruxue started from the beginning. After watching the whole wedding process, I was deeply moved by Bai Xiangwen’s affectionate confession.

Shen Kuo is dissatisfied with Wen Ruxue’s current married women, worried that the audience will not buy it. Cheng Tianye encourages Wen Ruxue to talk about family and responsibilities in another way. Shen Kuo is not interested in this, but there is no way. Duan Xu applied to Mr. Hu to go to Ningxia to follow up on the wine project. Mr. Hu didn’t want him to leave. He wanted him to continue to maintain his relationship with Mr. Dai. Duan Xu promised that Mr. Dai would be happier after he left.

Dai Xixi and her colleague changed their posts and wanted to go to Ningxia with Duan Xu. Duan Xu firmly disagreed. If Dai Xixi went to work in Ningxia, he would not go. Duan Xu just didn’t want to be with Dai Xixi, and repeatedly claimed that Dai Xixi’s naive appearance was most disgusting. , Dai Xixi was dumbfounded.

Li Zixue traveled a lot with his friends and came up with the idea of ​​buying an RV for self-driving. He came directly to the hotel to ask Li Wensen for 200,000 yuan to buy a car. Li Wensen persuaded him to take the driver’s license test first. Compelled bitterly against Li Wensen. Wen Ruxue asked Bai Xiangwen to make the most troublesome and time-consuming western food. Bai Xiangwen knew that she was deliberately making trouble. These dishes would take at least seven or eight hours. In the end, Wen Ruxue had to make a concession and let him cook a specialty dish. , Bai Xiangwen made a bowl of steaming noodle soup, Wen Ruxue was willing to give up.

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