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Brilliant Girls 爱的理想生活 Episode 36 Recap

Qi Yue called Wen Xiaoyang. Wen Xiaoyang was out of anger. He didn’t expect Qi Yue to come to the door. Wen Xiaoyang suspected that all of this was what she did. But Qi Yue stubbornly asserted that Du Jiamu had plagiarized Wen Xiaoyang’s work, and Wen Xiaoyang wanted to find it. Du Jiamu asked clearly. Qi Yue comforted her in every possible way, accusing Du Jiamu of cruelly dumping her back to Japan, condemning Du Jiamu for plagiarizing her work, and now stealing Wen Xiaoyang’s creations. She repeatedly claimed that she didn’t want to see Wen Xiaoyang be deceived again, and Wen Xiaoyang believed that it was true.

Ding Huiqiao, Zhu Li and others carefully checked the guest room and found no abnormalities, and they also conducted a rigorous investigation beforehand. The intelligent system will automatically cut off the connection after the live broadcast, and there is no possibility of privacy leakage. , Someone comes in to record the audio. Ding Huiqiao checked the monitoring of the day, only Momo’s assistant entered the room. Ding Huiqiao called the monitoring of the lobby again, and found that the housekeeping manager helped to sort the elevator card, and Luo Shang saw this scene with his own eyes. Cheering for Ding Huiqiao, Ding Huiqiao called the director of the housekeeping department to a showdown, showed her the video, and threatened to report her to her superiors.

Ding Huiqiao brought Zhu Li and others to negotiate with Momo, and pointed out to the face that Momo’s assistant had recorded the audio of her smoking and swearing. Momo insisted on filing a lawsuit with them and sue them for infringement of privacy. , Ding Huiqiao made it clear that Momo ended the live broadcast one minute earlier in order to answer the phone, and the intelligent system recorded this one-minute call. Ding Huiqiao played a bargaining conversation between Momo and the merchant, and she was immediately dumbfounded.

Bai Xiangwen drove Wen Ruxue to work just to declare his sovereignty to Shen Kuo, but he did not expect that Shen Kuo would have sold his car long ago, and Bai Xiangwen was speechless. Momo gave up the lawsuit against Wei Hotel. Ding Huiqiao came to Li Wensen to submit a plan and wanted to continue to transform the intelligent guest room. Li Wensen rejected her application on the spot and persuaded her to do things more smoothly. Ding Huiqiao walked away in anger.

At the request of the broad audience and netizens, Wen Ruxue talked about white Xiangwen in the show and praised him so much. Bai Xiangwen secretly hid while watching the live broadcast. Her heart was happy. Colleagues couldn’t help but make fun of Bai Xiangwen. Wen Ruxue wanted to use the hot topic between Wei Hotel and Momo to make a show about which is more important between humans and machines. Cheng Tianye didn’t want to take risks. The team members had different opinions, and they couldn’t dispute. Cheng Tianye thought this would cause concern. , Agreed to do this topic on the spot.

Bai Xiangwen came to the program group to visit the class, brought coffee to everyone, and thoughtfully not let Wen Ruxue drink coffee. His colleagues were envious of Wen Ruxue. After receiving the commission, Duan Xu went home to repay the debt to his parents as soon as possible, and sent off the creditors one by one. Duan Xu urged his parents to find a decent job.

His father strongly protested and urged Duan Xu to marry Dai Xixi as soon as possible. Duan Xu agreed. Let’s get engaged first. A health care product salesperson came to ask Duan Mu for the balance payment. Duan Xu asked hard to find out that his mother had borrowed 100,000 yuan from Dai Xixi’s mother to buy health care products. He was furious.

Wen Ruxue took the team members out to dinner and told them about the end of her first love during college through Jiu Jin. Shen Kuo came late and showed off to everyone that he had bought a second-hand car. He was teased by his colleagues. Shen Kuo Talking about the benefits of second-hand cars, he couldn’t help but put his arms around Wen Ruxue’s shoulders. Bai Xiangwen suddenly rushed over and forced Shen Kuo to pull away.

Bai Xiangwen kept pulling Shen Kuo to drink, but he got drunk. Bai Xiangwen decided to have dinner at his house next time. He wanted to watch Shen Kuo with his own eyes to prevent him from taking advantage of it. Wen Ruxue persuaded Bai Xiangwen. Don’t compete with Shen Kuo. There is nothing between them. Bai Xiangwen is still uneasy. He can’t wait to shut Wen Ruxue on a small island. Looking at her every day, Wen Ruxue is made to laugh and cry by him.

Ding Huiqiao called to express his thanks to Jessica and promised to pay the remaining balance as soon as possible. Jessica revealed that Wei Hotel is sending someone to investigate Ding Huiqiao’s accounts. Ding Huiqiao has a clear conscience. Duan Xu put together one hundred thousand yuan, personally paid back the money, and apologized to Dai Xixi’s parents. Dai’s mother made it clear that Dai Xixi had known about this a long time ago, and Dai’s father paid Dai’s mother to him.

He and Duan Xu talked to each other separately. Father Dai thinks he and Dai Xixi are inappropriate. Duan Xu admits that he was afraid of marriage before, but after meeting Dai Xixi, Dai Xixi completely changed him. He loves Dai Xixi very much and wants to live with her. Father Dai thinks marriage is still necessary. Everyone is right, persuading him and Dai Xixi to break up completely, so as not to bring damage to Dai Xixi.

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