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Brilliant Girls 爱的理想生活 Episode 35 Recap

Momo hid in the bathroom and smoked while calling, complaining that a friend introduced her to a man with no money, and the assistant recorded the whole process outside the door. After half an hour, Momo continued the live broadcast. She and the housekeeper Xiaoyi danced together, and the fans climbed steadily. After the live broadcast, the smart suite used by Momo was quickly booked out, and Ding Huiqiao immediately took another one. Smart suites are also hanging out.

Wen Ruxue accompanies Wen Xiaoyang at home and accidentally sees Mia participating in an interview with the show. She publicly complains of being bullied by Lily in the workplace. Wen Xiaoyang waited anxiously for Du Jiamu’s phone call, but he hadn’t heard from him. Qi Yue called Wen Xiaoyang, and learned that she and Du Jiamu couldn’t get in touch with her, and asked her for warmth. Wen Xiaoyang didn’t appreciate it at all and wanted to cut off friendship with Qi Yue. When Ding Huiqiao went home from get off work, Li Wensen congratulated her and offered to invite her to dinner, but Ding Huiqiao flatly refused.

The first episode of Wen Ruxue surpassed Lily’s ratings when she was there. Cheng Tianye was very satisfied. He wanted to hold a celebration party for Wen Ruxue. Wen Ruxue didn’t want to get involved in the fight between them, but just wanted to make a good show.

Unexpectedly, Lily suddenly came to Xingshi to question her and saw Wen Ruxue’s publicity photos in the corridor. She was even more angry. Lily worked here for twelve years, but did not expect Cheng Tianye to cross the river and demolish the bridge. Mia was asked to slander her in the show. Lily questioned her colleagues one by one. Everyone looked at each other and avoided her. Lily condemned them for ignoring her.

Lily became more and more angry as she spoke, shouting at Wen Ruxue for grandstanding, dove occupying the magpie’s nest, Cheng Tianye defended Wen Ruxue, Lily was irritated, swearing at Wen Ruxue, framed Cheng Tianye and her relationship is not normal, Shen Kuo came to make peace after hearing the news Lily theory. Wen Ruxue couldn’t listen, rushed out to sneer at Lily, reminding her to reflect on herself, Bai Xiangwen hurriedly pulled Wen Ruxue away, persuading her to stay away from this messy entertainment circle, Bai Xiangwen just wanted to live a happy and worry-free life with her , Wen Ruxue is unwilling to give up.

Du Jiamu called Wen Ruxue back, and Wen Ruxue told him what Qi Yue had done. Du Jiamu immediately sent a message to Qi Yue. Since she has explained everything to Wen Xiaoyang, Du Jiamu promised to return the copyright tax of the previous book. To her, the two of them owed each other, Qi Yue was immediately dumbfounded.

Momo’s live broadcast received a strong response, and smart room reservations continued to flow. The group company researched and decided to take out 50 guest rooms for smart upgrades. Ding Huiqiao was very happy and sent a big red envelope to each of the team members. At this moment, a video of Momo smoking in the bathroom was posted on the Internet. Momo’s public relations team took Wei Hotel to court for infringement of privacy. Li Wensen immediately convened an emergency meeting, and Sasha was talking coldly on the side, Ding. Huiqiao issued a military order on the spot and found out the truth within three days, otherwise he would take the blame and resign.

Dai Xixi went to Duan Xu’s house after work, and Duan Xu personally cooked food for her. Dai Xixi suddenly received a call from her mother and learned that Duan Xu’s mother had received 100,000 yuan from her home to buy health products, and she was not allowed to tell Duan Xu. Dai Xixi hurriedly escaped under the pretext of shopping. His mother was disappointed with Duan Xu’s parents and warned Dai Xixi not to have anything to do with Duan Xu. Dai Xixi felt that her mother made a fuss and that her mother didn’t want her to be with such a messy family. Dai Xixi’s begging would not help.

Dai Xixi came back in despair. Duan Xu had already finished the meal. Dai Xixi asked about his parents around the corner. Duan Xu wanted to complete the project and get the achievement to help his parents pay off their debts. He promised to discuss their marriage with his parents this time. Dai Xixi secretly made up his mind to cook mature rice with Duan Xu’s raw rice first. The two days happened to be the ovulation period. Dai Xixi asked Wen Ruxue for help, and Wen Ruxue gave her an idea.

Dai Xixi was ready when she got off work. As soon as Duan Xu returned home, she couldn’t wait to have a baby with Duan Xu. Duan Xu hadn’t eaten all day and was exhausted. Dai Xixi waited for him to finish eating. Duan Xu had to watch the ball game again, so Dai Xixi had to wait patiently, and accidentally found the prompt on Dai Xixi’s phone, knowing that she was in the ovulation period, and suddenly understood everything.

That night, Dai Xixi forced Duan Xu to drive her to the suburbs. She wanted to have a relationship with Duan Xu, but was driven away by the person on duty. Dai Xixi wanted to go to the hotel with Duan Xu to open a room. Duan Xu was very impatient and persuaded Dai Xixi to calm down. Calm down, then put her down and drove away. Qi Yue hung the first chapter of Wen Xiaoyang’s comic work “Twin Dolphins” on Du Jiamu’s public account. When Wen Xiaoyang saw this, she mistook Du Jiamu for plagiarizing her work, and she was immediately dumbfounded.

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